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Monday, June 9, 2014

Is Your Name Written Down in the Lamb's Book of Life? by Pastor Rodney Beaulieu

I find it amazing, simply amazing, that there be pastors who know not, therefore, cannot properly teach, just where it is they, nor their congregations belong!  Such are continually stepping into the shoes of the Jews, where it is they don't belong!

NO, MY NAME IS NOT IN THE BOOK OF LIFE, for by the time it is brought up, I and those who be in the BODY OF CHRIST, will be safe and sound RAPTURED into heaven!

For by grace are ye saved through faith; 
and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
Ephesians 2:8 (King James Bible)

What Is The Book of Life?


Published on Jul 1, 2012  Grace Bible Community Church 

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And the books were opened. Rev. 20:12 Many books are opened at the Great White Throne Judgment. Will you be judged by one of them or have your sins been judged at Calvary? For more info visit:



Going up or down is your choice by Pastor Rodney Beaulieu

Going up or down is entirely YOUR choice!
This is a jaw-dropping duo of messages by Pastor Rodney Beaulieu,
a definite must-hear to any who wonder, which way they are headed!

Published by Grace Bible Community Church

First video on Jun 1, 2014
Only the King James Bible can give you the proper view of hell. Where it's located, who goes there and the path they travel to get there. Hell has an insatiable appetite. There are 4 things that never say, it is enough...

Second video on Jun 8, 2014
Some believe in soul sleep after death. Some believe in a conscious existence after death. Here are my Biblical reason for a Conscious existence after death.

Since angels are discussed in the second video, I find it appropriate to post this message by Pastor Tom Bruscha, which I just happened to have heard that very morning, who also mentions them to ALWAYS BE MALE, EXCEPT WHEN BABYLON IS MENTIONED! How very apropos, since, it seems, so many love to post pictures of female angels!

Amazing Bible Prophecies 

The Final Destruction Of Babylon


Published on Jan 1, 2014 by rightlydivide

The Amazing Bible Prophecies series will most likely have 100+ sermons in it when finished (I'm guessing.) It is an exhaustive study of Bible Prophecies spanning the entire Bible by Tom Bruscha. You don't have to listen to these messages in any particular order; but it is recommended you start from the beginning as these messages have a continuing flow to them. Please feel free to leave comments or send me an email
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Sunday, June 8, 2014

2014 Great Lakes Grace Bible Conference Audio

It is so very wonderful to either follow the live stream of any grace conference, or to be able to listen to the audio captured.  I have my dear brother, Pete Boucher, to thank for just having posted this on my Facebook page!

2014 Great Lakes 

Grace Bible Conference Audio

Please click on the file below to hear the audio. If you would like to save the mp3, right click the file and "save target as".

Friday May 23rd

7:00pm A Bold Ambassador - Curt Fellows
8:00pm Paul: The Key to Understanding The Bible - Ted Fellows

Saturday May 24th
9:00am The Foolishness of Preaching - Matthew Hawley
10:00am No Confidence in the Flesh - David Jordan
11:00am Mystery Meat - Mike Taylor
7:00pm The Newness of the Spirit - Leroy Reid
8:00pm Confirming the Souls of the Disciple - Rodney Beaulieu

Sunday May 25th
9:00am The Uniqueness of Christianity - David Reid
10:00am Adorn the Doctrine of God Our Savior in all Things - Jon Osteen
11:00am Full Assurance of Understanding - Tom Bruscha
6:00pm God’s Eternal Purpose - Morris Chestnut



Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Billy Graham EXPOSED, documentary with documented FACTS

This a true forerunner for the antichrist!!

Billy Graham EXPOSED, 

documentary with documented FACTS

Published on Jun 17, 2013 by Ephesians511sBlog

This video/audio clip is for Research/Journalism purposes only. Not an endorsement of any person or group.

We don't know who did this documentary but we posted it for the documented facts and is a great research tool for those who are researching Billy Graham.

Watch this short clip on the Freemason Doctrine of Billy Graham -