I believe The Holy Bible is the inerrant Word of God, inspired by the Holy Spirit without any mixture of error for its matter.

The Holy Bible addresses slavery as a legal social nation building method. That slavery was forced upon the Jewish people in the Old Testament and was sanctioned in the New Testament by God's most prolific apostle, Paul. While the Bible supports slavery as a nation building practice, it condemns abuse and brutality of the slave. It also sets limits on the length and tenure of slave holding (Deuteronomy 21:1-6; Colossians 3:22).

The historical facts cannot be disputed, that the American Blacks who are the descendants of slaves are a far greater people because of slavery as compared to their counterpart Africans who lives in Africa and never tasted slavery.

In historical hypothesis were all Blacks left in Africa, and no slavery had occurred, the Africans in Africa would be much worse off than their present state of being. That same hypothesis demonstrates that descendants of the American slaves have added trillions to the African economy and increased life expectancy by as much as twenty years.

The one single truth that no American or African dares to speak and most do not understand or know is: The African, The American Slave and his descendants are wholly incapable of building a nation, or an on par with an European civilization. He is also wholly incapable of admitting this truth or understanding why it is true.
Egypt was the one nation of note, but because of the idolatrous worship of the sun god RA, they were smitten with blindness and all their historical notes were destroyed.

They then wandered down into the Sahara and the Congo carrying no knowledge, history or skills other than superstition and tribal warfare. Except for the sporadic mentioning of large warring tribes such as the Mandingos, the Zulus and the Songhai; they built no cites above two stories, no buildings without reeds, and with twenty five thousand miles of sea shore no sea worthy vessel, ever. The great city of Timbuktu was built by Muslim slave traders who prompted the Europeans to both colonize and procure slaves from these defenseless people.

Today, the descendants of American slaves live far better lives than the free African who never was in chains. Yet, he has not been able to build a civilization or nation that is purely his own. While he lives in the world’s greatest nation his portion is always a Ghetto. So rare is the ability of the descendant slave to build a nation or civilization is the Super Bowl championship of an all Jewish football team. The two just do not exist.

The advent of Barack Hussein Obama, the son of a free African; born of the womb of the daughter of an unemployed white drifter has set the truth and salvation of the African and the descendant of slaves back to Congo and superstition tactics.

America is on the threshold of completely falling apart. The building of an Islamic Mosque at ground zero represents, we have forgotten the God that built and blessed this nation from sea to shining sea. We now allow other gods prominence, a form of disunity and divisions at the highest possible level.

Mr. Obama and wealthy Kabals have prostituted Dr. King’s work and have turned his dream into a black nightmare.

We, Americans are a ship on a stormy sea with a blind captain and a deaf crew. Like Egypt and Rome the anointing has moved and it is only a matter of days before the destroyers take the treasure of this nation given to the destroyers by our very own children who know not Joseph.

Salvation of our nation and the Black man is not simple, but it can be accomplished through suffering. Tell the Black man the truth, and tell all Americans to fall on their knees and repent of their sins, turn from their wicked ways, humble themselves, and God will hear our prayers and heal and save our land. He will also loose the curse and promote the true Black man to become an American.

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In His Royal Service,
Dr. James David Manning
A Natural Born Citizen

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Dr. Manning has been a tireless Obama critic,
whose efforts to have the president provide the proper eligibility credentials to hold the office of the presidency have been fought through the army of lawyers Obama has hired,
at a cost to him of a couple of million dollars!

Just what is Obama hiding from us at all costs?


abdul rahman el assir