Dear Partner in the Gospel,
The Manhattan Declaration, which has influenced the Evangelical world
since last November, is a serious downgrade into implementing Catholic
social doctrine. Through the use of social issues, the Papal Church
seeks to draw true Evangelical Bible-believers into itself. While
calling itself a clarion call to Christians, it turns out to be a
sinister ecumenical document, just as was the “Evangelicals and
Catholics Together” (ECT) document in 1994. However, the subtleties
this time are remarkably clever, and while its effects are worldwide,
the target audience is primarily the USA.

We have analyzed the Catholic agenda that is cunningly imbedded in
this document. Our newsletter is called, “Catholic Agenda Embedded in
the Manhattan Declaration.” It is now posted on our Website at:

If you wish to get the article as a Microsoft Word document, just
request it and it will be sent to you.

Since the Declaration not only requests signatures of acceptance, it
also gives an opportunity to write to voice your convictions online
I ask that you write stating your reason for not signing. Also kindly
forward the article to others and if possible, post it on your

Trusting in the Lord’s grace and His Gospel alone,
Richard Bennett

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