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Friday, January 7, 2011

Old Portuguese proverb: You catch a liar faster than you catch a person with a limp.

  • "Mais depressa se apanha um mentiroso que um coxo."
    • Translation: You catch a liar faster than you catch a person with a limp.
    • Meaning: Don't lie, you'll be caught.

This one among the many Portuguese sayings I heard growing up!
One that never fails to live up to the wisdom it conveys!

But I have to say the catching of such liars to come at a bitter cost to others.

While it was that I was so involved and busy with my nephew some things took place regarding this my blog that I had not time to devote until today!

I do pray that those who spend their lives fooling others will come to get their just desserts,... sooner than later!

This was as far as I was going to go, but, as God always does, here I see someone who has just posted another comment, one I must make visible:

Anonymous said...
I'm sure Pastor Furan's church recognizes the Ten Commandments, one of them being "Honor thy Mother and Father". Ask him why he wants nothing to do with his mother !!! Also why does he have no one to answer to. He does what he wants in his church. Do you people realize how much money he earns being a pastor???? Why does he live in such an expensive home in Devaux?? Why does his wife have a maid ??? He's a wolf in sheeps clothing hiding behind the robes of a pastor !! You parishoners need to open your eyes and find yourselves an honest non hipocriticle pastor !!!

Small wonder there was never a directory with their address on it! I would be curious to "see" the mansion! The irony is that Deveaux is North of the area which through the years has gotten extremely dangerous! I have learned that this DERELICT FOOL was raised here, thus, he had to know that the address to which he had sent me that one day ALONE on a "soul-winning" mission WAS IN A TERRIBLY BAD AND DANGEROUS NEIGHBORHOOD!!

Deveaux, by the way, is a more expensive area outside of the city proper of Niagara Falls.

I also happen to know that this cheat has a house in Oklahoma that he rents out! Not to mention that both he and his wife, Barbara, must get something from the military in which both served.

Not bad, eh, for a "poor" pastor kept living quite well through the "sacrificial giving" of others?! This is for what he always asked, that we "give sacrificially" and then that fateful Wednesday he wanted that we give "a little extra" to make up for his sticky fingers!

Indeed, the wonderful congregation that I met deserves better than one such charlatan they now have! I do not know who left this message, but it seems that the pot is boiling!

Praise God!

1 Tim. 3:5 (For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?)
6 NOT A NOVICE, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil.

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  1. YET ANOTHER COMMENT HAS BEEN POSTED ON THE POST "Leadership in the Church (updated last on 10/31/10)":

    Anonymous said...

    #2 It is about time the truth has been shown!!!
    January 8, 2011 5:37 PM


  2. Though I read this post on January 8, it's only today (Jan 11) that I noticed your URL and was intrigued by it. What a beautiful Portuguese touch it has! I puzzled a bit about the first part when I first came across it, reading it as rain had ocanto10, but today realized it must be rainha do canto10. I spoke Portuguese as a child, but my family switched to English when I was five. Ai de mim (alas!)

  3. Ha Ha Ha!! Que graca!!

    Pois sim, voce esta certa! Eu, sendo portuguesa por nascimento, gostando muito de musica e de cantar, presumi me dar esse titulo muito "modesto!"

    Obrigada por opinar!! Pena nao lhe poder contactar!

    Desejo-lhe do melhor, Rosario!


    How funny!

    Indeed, you are right! I, having been born Portuguese, loving music and to sing, presumed to give myself this "modest" title! (Queen of Song = Rainha do Canto)

    Thanks for your comment! Pity I am unable to contact you!

    I wish you the best, Rosario!

  4. #2
    As someone has posted a note about Pastor
    I know his Mother very well and she just contacted me that she was very hurt that the message Furan says it came from her and that she will be cast into the Lake of Fire. But it is sad that he blames everyone else. His Mother did not write that!! And she joined some type of blog. It is a shame what this world has come to. He will have to answer for his actions to th Lord!!!

  5. Que bela surpresa!

    Ficaria encantado se você pudesse entrar em contato comigo.

    Eu poderia responder, em parte, em Inglês!

    Eu não falo bem Português!

    Na verdade, eu tenho esquecido muito do que eu sabia como uma criança.

    Mas como podemos entrar em contato?

  6. Ola, Rosario! A surpresa e' minha!

    Pode me escrever para

    Teria muito prazer em falar consigo!

    Eu tambem, por falta de pratica, havia esquecido o meu portugues, mas, gracas a Deus, obtive a pratica necessaria ha uns anos atras, e ja nao me "engonco" (verbo brasileiro, por certo! Ha Ha!) tanto!

    Aguardo noticias!

  7. Dear Anonymous #2,

    I don't remember Matthew Furan making such a statement about his mother!

    I think, if you read something to that effect, it was to me he was referring, which worries me not a bit!

    Please, be comforted that the Lord searches our hearts, and knows full well what lies within it.

    I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.

    Jeremiah 17:10 (King James Bible)

    May God bless you and give you peace!

  8. I am so very thrilled that through this simple post I have come to meet a Portuguese person who, PRAISE GOD, HAS NOT ONLY LEFT THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CULT, BUT USES THE KING JAMES BIBLE, TO BOOT!


    I am looking forward to responding to his email just gotten, and carry on a wonderfully fruitful friendship with him (Rosario) and his wife!

    Ah! God does work in "mysterious" ways!