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Sunday, January 23, 2011

A MISSIONS' CHURCH'S DAILY PLEA: PLEASE help us support our pastor, Matthew Furan, who has a hefty mortgage on his newly-acquired $120,000.00 home!! an upscale neighborhood, away from the riffraff of urban living in the blighted city of Niagara Falls, NY, where, in his own words "It seemed that darkened clouds were enveloping the city, churches closing their doors, jobs gone [people with no money to tithe!], people gone, [therefore a surplus of great spacious houses available at much less than half the cost and at an arm's-length away from the church, Calvary Baptist Church of Niagara, which would save on gas, but, what does that matter: it is the church's van they drive!!]," he said, "This city needed more light. [therefore he chose to live some four miles away in an upscale neighborhood, just two months after getting his very first position as a church pastor, back in 2008!!]."


By the way, a mission church is one that is not self-sustaining, and depends on the charity of other churches throughout the country to survive!

Well, I have been too busy to bother with the barrage of stupid comments I had received from one who courageously announces himself as "Anonymous," which, just from the "knowing" responses, I know to belong to Matthew Furan, but, just so no one can say I had no reply, here goes!

Here are the comments that I had not viewed in detail before and nor do I care to engage in a back and forth with a lousy COWARD like Matthew Furan, who slithers in the dark under the ANONYMOUS banner, thus I have removed such availability from my blog!!

Funny that he is now SO OBSESSED BY THIS BLOG that he is even PREACHING FROM THE PULPIT, LYING ON THE PULPIT, that there be those persecuting him, ANONYMOUSLY!!

No, Matthew Furan, anyone defending the true word of God need not fear, nor will they hide! They are to EXPOSE the WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING THAT YOU ARE!
By the way, I am certain that no one has missed my name right here on my blog! Otherwise, just how would have some contacted me, privately abut this matter?! You see, I am even listed!!

Unlike you, Furan, who would never make a directory available for the 32 months you were there at Calvary Baptist church of Niagara, IN SPITE OF MY OFFERING TO HELP PRODUCE IT, AND WHATEVER ELSE THERE WAS NEEDED IN THE OFFICE!! No! You did not want your address to jump at the sheep you are presumably shepherding! Not exactly living among them, are you, as your stirring sermon professed a true shepherd does?!!

Actually, here you expose yourself: YOU YOURSELF SAY YOU ARE NOT A TRUE SHEPHERD! YOU CHOOSE TO LIVE IN THE HIGH AND MIGHTY PLACES, while the sheep struggle below!!
It is awesome, isn't it?! Your own words denounce you to be a WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING!! HA HA HA HA!

By the way, if you plan on removing those sermons, as you do, regularly, so you can "recycle" them and need not preach anything new, also because you love "revising history!" other than using other pastor's sermons, know that I have downloaded them, and plan on using them AGAINST YOU,... sometime soon!!

One has to know that such comments did not appear until I stated in another post Wisdom is too high for the fool that Matthew Furan advertises himself to be! that THERE HAD BEEN NOT ONE PERSON TO DEFEND THIS FILTHY PIECE OF GARBAGE! Then, lo and behold, this "ANONYMOUS" barrage came within a 24-hour period, all with his own signature of lying and excuses! He is so very dumb!

My responses are in bold blue!

I am curious if you listened to the message, "To give or not to give." The exegesis and exposition and application of the text was homiletically correct and accurate. Plus, this pastor only mentioned money once out of a 50 minute messsage and the mention of money (tithe) only lasted 20 seconds. It seems he was preaching on your responsibility to the Gov and giving glory to God, whose image we are. Your motives are wrong and accusations are wrong. This by far, is the greastest message on this text that I have heard.... more than I can say for you and what I have read on your blog.
The antique couch was donated by a family in the church. Goes to show how ignorant you are with misleading information.
This sermon has totally taken this verse out of context. The first rule of Homiletics is, When you depart from the context, you depart from your authority...
Are you so ignorant that you do not know that Jesus builds His Church, not us? It is Gid that places members in the body... As it pleases Him! But I would not expect you to understand. The natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God... You have no evidence that you are saved... Just a blog with others information that they have studied...
It is evident that you have not studied for yourself. All of the info on your blog contains research from others. Just another follower of everyone else. How many have you reconciled?
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Ha Ha Ha Ha! It is impossible to answer such stupidity!!

Were you there during the days of Christ?! I mean! We know you were as the Devil, but, as Matthew Furan? Did you write any of the New Testament?

Don't you preach about it? How?

I guess I would have to get a compass and map out the world to verify it is round to write about it!! What a dimwit, you are!

I don't know how many I have reconciled, but I do know that I do more soul-winning than you, at anytime!! Other than during the Vacation Bible School PRETENSE JUST TO SHOW OFF TO THE VISITING CHURCH THAT IT WAS WHAT YOU DID ALL THE TIME, YOU NEVER WENT SOUL-WINNING!! NOT ONCE IN THE ALMOST THREE MONTHS I WAS THERE!! I WAS DYING TO DO IT!!!! For there sat the 6-DVD/CD duplicator just waiting to be used for an entire month, unused, in spite of my continually reminding you that soul-winning with sermons copied on CDs were THE ONLY PURPOSE FOR WHICH I SPENT SO MUCH OF MY MONEY, $334.84. FOR NOTHING, IT TURNED OUT TO BE! While you were busy acquiring couches for the entryway that did not need it!!

But you did send me alone in a bad neighborhood to do it!! And when I tried to give you back that card for not having found the woman home, you wouldn't take it! YOU HAVE NO USE FOR SOUL-WINNING, AND CERTAINLY NOT AMONG THE POOR!! THEY CANNOT DEPOSIT AS MANY DOLLARS IN THE PLATE, NOW CAN THEY, TO HELP YOU PAY FOR YOUR EXTRAVAGANCES?

And I do know for a fact that you have done no more than LOSE NUMBERS FOR THE CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH MEMBERSHIP! I guess many others have seen through your fake veneer!!

By your own words there were 100 members when you were hired (as per article for which your were so happy to be interviewed in May of 2008!)


Again, you are so misinformed. This pastor spent 3 years in Sri Lanka and came home on furlough to report back to his churches. During that time his wife was diagnoses with pancreatic cancer and under counsel from many pastors he stayed back so his wife could be treated. There were three men in the bible institute over there that were trained for the ministry.. I would be interested as to where you received all your information.
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This portion of my response is in red.
For some reason I am unable to change it!

Now! Now! I know all about the dramatics you two engender! Just like the time she fell, and, goodness, two visits to the emergency room, etc., and she was as healthy as a mule in the end... and in between! All a scene! I have fallen a flight of stairs and "spinal fluid seeping" was never an issue! It was no more than a lie, I have no doubt! There is nothing you two will not do to garner sympathy!

She was NEVER DIAGNOSED with cancer, either, I have no doubt! Your stories do not ad up, as usual! It was a ruse, AS USUAL! You should watch what you say to reporters! They actually write it down! All fitting in your plan to scam the people who gave you so much money! Enough to buy a house just two months after landing the job!

You came for Thanksgiving vacation, and, lo and behold, here you arrange to line up for a job in a church that you didn't even attend when here!! You lined up for a job in the church to which your mother used to go at the same time, and, most probably, because of your mother, that you started the following March, 2008.

And here you had told me, yourself, YOU DAMN LIAR, that your family was Roman Catholic "and they won't have anything to do with me!"

Oh! Yes! In the above drama, I remember you bemoaning the fact you had to buy prescription medication for pain for Barbara! This from the pulpit, in order to see if someone would put in a few extra dollars!! You were always good at asking for "extra" everything! "I won't mind you you slip him a $50.00 bill," referring to Eric before he left! After you suggested we send him some money at school!



Grace teaches us to go beyond the Law. 2 Cor 8 and 9 teach that. Tithe was instituted before the Law ie,, Abram and Isaac also tithed BEFORE the Law was even instituted. New Testament grace taught the church in Jesusalem to seel everything and lay it at the apostles feet... much more than the Law required... I would not want your grace, which is menial and miserly,
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AH! BUT YOUR DEDUCTIONS PAY FOR ALL THESE LITTLE EXTRAS, DON'T THEY, EVEN A DISABILITY DEDUCTION!! I saw no one disabled in your family! Or is it you shot yourself just to claim a disability? Wouldn't put it past you!

IT WAS FOR THE POOR! THE POOR FOR WHICH YOU HAVE NO USE, NOT EVEN TO GO SOUL-WINNING AMONG THEM! YOU ARE NO MORE THAN A THIEF!! You will take all you can get, even if it means a borrowed DVD that you keep!!

As for my "menial and miserly" grace, you certainly kept the 200 CDs and envelopes, and labels that I purchased through a CHARGE CARD, and was not willing to part with the Duplicator for which I paid more than any of the other 2 donors, who, I have no doubt, together with their husbands make a whole lot more money than me! Indeed, menial and miserly, but enough for you to steal from , for I never let the plate go before me before donating something, in all four per week collections!

You wouldn't even return the CDs that I could have used for soul-winning! I am willing to bet you have kept them for your own use, as you did my DVD "A flame in the dark!" You lack the most elementary sense of decency, for you do no more than COVET all others may have! YOU ARE A THIEF!!

The widow in Luke 21:3-4 for certain could not avail herself of a Charge Card, as I do, SO I CAN GIVE!!

Out of what I do not have I make sure I charge so I can go soul-winning, FOR WHICH I HAVE SPENT HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS in just this past year! HOW MUCH HAVE YOU SPENT, WHEN IT IS THAT YOU STEAL FROM ME AND NOT ALLOW THAT I DO THAT MUCH MORE SOUL-WINNING??! I have not a doubt that you give not a dime you don't take back! You, and you have have informed us from the pulpit, ARE PROUD TO NOT HAVE A CHARGE CARD!! WHY WOULD YOU??!! YOU HAVE THE CHURCH'S BANK ACCOUNT!!

In spite of that, I have no doubt that your giving is much more menial and miserly than mine will ever be thought to be!! You certainly are the type to only take, not give!

And when it is that the deacon tells me no one can view the finances, it really tells me that there are shenanigans going on, WITH YOUR BLESSINGS!

With all these accusations, you have not manifested any proof to back up your claims. You only have words given by people.. It seems to me that you are just another lady who is infatuated with another pastor.. Your rants and mussings are characteristic of such..
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HA HA HA!! Let's see! Webster has "Infatuate" as:
: to cause to be foolish : deprive of sound judgment
: to inspire with a foolish or extravagant love or admiration

I guess there is no fear of the 2nd choice being true, right? Ha Ha Ha!

My having left the "assembling of thieves" like you denies the 1st, heartily!

Thus, "infatuated" is not a verb that would describe the revulsion I feel for you, Matthew Furan!

Matthew! You have been the provider of most of the words, yourself! I think that is awesome! Just give you a little rope, Matthew, and you have no trouble hanging yourself! You suffer from the "foot in mouth" syndrome! Your voluminous amount of lies is what has told me the most about you!



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