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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wisdom is too high for the fool that Matthew Furan advertises himself to be!

As snow in summer, and as rain in harvest,

so honour is not seemly for a fool.

Proverbs 26:1

And Matthew Furan embodies this all the time!
Here the message he sent me yesterday!

Matthew sent you a message.

Matthew Furan
Matthew FuranJanuary 14, 2011 at 8:24pm
Subject: Thank you
Helga, I just wanted to take this time to say, "thank you" to you. Through all of your vituperation and scurrility displayed on your blogs about me and the lies that have been built around your words, I have received and overwhelming amount of emails to our church. I am so thankful for those who have called and emailed to lend me their support. They have seen through it all.

To reply to this message, follow the link below:

How interesting that though so many there were to "overwhelm" the church with emails in defense of Matthew Furan, other than the one comment in which he is presumed to be the "anointed of God," and the "voice of righteousness," (Response to Anonymous #2: re Old Portuguese proverb: You catch a liar faster than you catch a person with a limp) which I have no doubt was sent by Matthew Furan, himself, THERE HAS BEEN NOT ONE COMMENT IN HIS DEFENSE!!

There have been many who have applauded me for having exposed him, not all of which I have published to protect the innocent!

THOSE SITTING IN CALVARY BAPTIST'S PEWS KNEW NOT A WORD OF IT up to the time I had lunch with one of them just this week, who was brokenhearted to have learned of so much garbage about Matthew Furan.

You never cease to diffuse your lies, Matthew!

How interesting that though you threaten your own blood in your ranting of dying and going to the Lake of Fire,... in addition to a law suit (Gee! Can you just see the headlines: PASTOR SUING MOTHER FOR TELLING THE TRUTH!!) you don't do that here to me! I had occasion to verify the above! You are a very sad excuse for a human being, let alone a son! Had you any decency, you would quit your position, and bring no more SHAME to this congregation when it is that you will be exposed to all!

By the way, it is because YOU KNOW all of which I state to be true that you don't threaten me with a law suit, again, as you just did your mother! BECAUSE ONE CANNOT BE SUED FOR STATING WHAT IS TRUE!! Because there has been not a word of which I have written that has not been true! Shamefully to you, IT IS ALL TRUE!

Quite foolish to have quit your "wonderful" missionary adventure work which took your family of six around the world of just a few months to take up a position at Calvary Baptist, this after having come "home" for Thanksgiving vacation! Can anyone imagine the tens of thousands of dollars that his very brief "missionary work" cost the people of God?

Yet, in his sermons, quite frequently he refers to his "home church" as being in Oklahoma! Oh yes, and his horse-back riding vacationing in Montana, where he has another "home!"

No one you cared to acknowledge, though they be your two brothers and mother, whom you don't cease to shame!

So why would it be here, where you have more filthy baggage than anyone that you would choose to "preach!" Quite foolish in itself, don't you agree?!

Can anyone imagine a "missionary" having to come home for Thanksgiving? To travel a distance of almost 9,000 miles, that's right, NINE THOUSAND MILES, at a cost of some $10,000 for SIX PEOPLE?? And we begrudge our politicians even lesser expenditures!!

Well, I will take you at your word, Matthew, and since it is that you yourself acknowledge that my blog is known to those who know you, you won't mind if I send them copies of it now! You have cleared the way for me to do that! And I will! I thank you!

A prudent man concealeth knowledge:

but the heart of fools proclaimeth foolishness.

Proverbs 12:23 (King James Bible)

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