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Monday, January 10, 2011

The feast at Matthew Furan's table!

Through life I have had to take many difficult stands, and one would think my skin would have become thick enough to not "feel" so much,... but that is not the reality!

Today, as I enjoyed a most wonderful lunch with someone, the air was thick with just when would either broach the pending subject: Calvary Baptist Church's wolf in sheep's clothing, Matthew Furan!

My heart broke and brakes for the likes of one such trusting and loving lamb, who shed tears remembering how the church used to be with over 40 families, which has now dwindled to less than half since this wolf has taken over!

"It seems that rather than building the church up, Furan has been razing it down!"
- not my words!

I do not like to do things out of revenge, and it took me almost a month before I exposed him with that my first post on "Leadership...," but, while feeling so very sorry, I am at the same time, very happy to have exposed this vile character, about whom I have come to learn a lot more worse things just in this last week, which only bolsters my deed!

It seems there be those who did not even know he still owns the house in Oklahoma, which he rents out!! This I know for certain for it was Barbara who mentioned it, when the storms were such in Oklahoma this summer that they were worried about the tenants in it!

Yes, I can well see how these well-dressed "pastors," and Furan is one for certain, with patent leather shining shoes and expensive suits, (to include the family whose boys I have never seen in anything that was not a beautiful suit! And given their diverging sizes, hand-me-downs are simply not a possibility!) live on the backs of others, of the "sacrificially giving" of the poor and the needy who certainly will never have their life-style!

I remember that I had to take a factory job for the first time in my life, if it was that I was going to provide well for my only child. I also remember him being about 5 or 6 before I could afford a suit for him, and only one!

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