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Monday, October 31, 2011

MORE Common Scripture Misconceptions by Bryan Denlinger of Bible Believers Fellowship


Bryan Denlinger Bible Believers Fellowship
SUN 10/30/2011

More Sermon Details:   
In this sermon we cover the following 5 things. 
1. "That's a lie straight out of Hell!"
2. The lost go to Hell because Christians don't warn
3. When in Rome do as the Romans do!
4. Animals go to heaven/ heaven will be what I like!
5. You can't pray wearing a hat?

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Common Scripture Misconceptions by Bryan Denlinger

Bryan Denlinger Bible Believers Fellowship 
SUN 08/14/2011

More Sermon Details:   
Are there words in your vocabulary that have no basis
in scripture? What is the importance of words and

In this sermon we first look at some of the words
used by people today, and see if these words appear
in the King James Bible. Of special note is the word
"human". What are the origins of this word? Why is it
that even Noah Webster admitted in his 1828
dictionary, that the roots of the word "human" are
somewhat unknown? Why is the Bible word "man" being
changed to "human"? You will be shocked to learn the

In the second part of this sermon we cover 5 popular
things believed by many Christians today, and then
examine the scriptures to see if these things are
really true. These five beliefs are:

1. Praying without repetition.
2. Call no man a "fool".
3. Turn the other cheek.
4. "Freely ye have received, freely give".
5. Call no man "father".



1 comment:

  1. A Very CONVICTING Sermon!
    And very emotional for me! The greatest "hobbies" I have "enjoyed" in life have been to worry and feel guilty! Not good hobbies to have, I can assure anyone!

    After learning of the King James Bible so much TRUE UNDERSTANDING has and continues to come to me through such great preaching as yours! YOU ARE AN AWESOME PASTOR, BRYAN DENLINGER, TRULY AWESOME! MAY GOD EVER BLESS YOU!

    You have just set me free from one of the big guilts I suffered: that of NOT witnessing to everyone I know is lost. These are friends and family, who have access to my Facebook, my blog, etc., who can see all the attempts I make in general to reach the like, and I just haven't the energy to address them one by one! Friends I know think me crazy, a FANATIC, I have been called, who I am certain don't care to hear anything I have to say regarding the word of God, they to be Roman Catholics who are GOOD and can earn their way to heaven, more especially after PURGATORY'S time is served!

    Goodness, I began my blog two years ago by quoting from Ezequiel, and have done so many times since! Never again!! How wrong I was!

    Well, the Methodist did no more than copy the Roman Catholic regarding the blessing of animals! Actually, these do blessings of the house, cars, and, I am sure, of anything else that one can think!

    May I add that I am so grateful to have "discovered" Bryan Denlinger whom I am so proud to consider MY PASTOR!!