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Friday, December 6, 2013

Removal of "The Daily Spurgeon" widget from this blog.

I had posted the following on my Facebook page, just a couple of days ago.  It is quite self-explanatory.  I care not to share his ignorance here, anymore!  I much regret having done so, for so long!  The "likes" and "shares" to be well over a thousand by now, I have no doubt!

The more quotes by Charles Spurgeon I see posted on Facebook, the more revolted I am by the man, who just couldn't keep his trap shut, it seems, so in love was he with his own wisdom! Here the newest one:

Charles Spurgeon The Prince of Preachers
"Alas, I may be sinning, for even in the holiest deeds we do there is still sin, but even then God is still forgiving. If indeed you are a believer in Jesus Christ the Lord is at all times forgiving you: as constant as your sin so constant is his forgiveness."

AMAZING IGNORANCE, which has 634 likes, and 225 shares, up to the time of this posting! How sad that so many so-called "Christians" know not the word of God!

Here is my comment to it:

"wow! And here I thought that ALL my sin was forgiven, past, present and FUTURE, the very instant I believed in Christ's death. Christ's forgiveness IS NOT a work in progress! IT IS FINISHED, said He! DONE!!

A Salvation Message by Bryan Denlinger (husky394xp)

A Salvation Message by Bryan Denlinger

At Salvation...
...we get Election! 
...we get Adoption!
...we get Sealed with the Holy Spirit!

...we get Inheritance!
...we get Predestination to Heaven!
...we get Forgiveness of Sins, Past, Present and Future! 
...we get Rewards for Good Works done AFTER we are Saved and as we stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ!

We get all this ALL AT ONCE!! 
It is NOT done in steps but ALL AT ONCE!!



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