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Sunday, January 25, 2015



This is so very beautiful, I have chills running up and down my spine!

This man walks into this barbershop, reading what looks to be a Bible.
The barber, after trimming his hair, mentions how he does not believe in the existence of God. After all, says he, if God existed, why have we so many people sick, so many children abandoned... No, if God existed, we wouldn't have so much suffering, so much pain throughout humanity... If God existed, why does he allow for all this?
The man seems to be caught unprepared, so he does not pursue the question.

Upon leaving, he sees this very unkempt young man, and has a thought.

He goes back into the barbershop, with the young man, and states he does not believe barbers exist!
The barber answers, How is that? then what am I?
Well, continued the man, Barbers don't exist, for if barbers existed, there would not be a single person with hair this long as has this young man!
Barbers exist, says the barber, the problem is that this person didn't come to me...
Exactly! says the man, That's the point! God exists! The problem is that we don't go to him! And that is why, my friend... there is so much misery and pain in the world!

The barber is left to think about that analogy!

I just loved this!!


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