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Sunday, February 26, 2012

When a hacker strikes,... it confuses the fools!

Which is what happened a few days ago, leaving at least one to believe I was attempting to contact him, as per his loooong reply to me gotten this morning! 

Well, I'd say a pretty idiotic way it would have been to do it, advertising phones I don't sell myself, by indicating the approaching date of Christmas!! Yes, indeed, very close it is!! IN ANOTHER TEN MONTHS!!

PANACHE, indeed!  In my dullest moments could I not think to resuscitate a most stupid relationship, with a  most boring self-appointed "writer" I ever had the misfortune to meet, who knows no more than to ramble!

"Our relationship failed because I failed." No kidding!! But don't sell yourself short! You only did what comes naturally to you: TO DECEIVE!!

At least, this time, he actually made paragraphs,... and it was STILL difficult to read his rambling! If inclined, I may give it another try,... some other time!

Hi Helga. I got an email from your yahoo account stating:

"Dear friend,Now the Christmas Day is coming,
why not choose the iphone 4s for a gift for your family,
I know one web,
which can take the VIP price,
just go have a see."

I hope you have not been hacked. Just thought I would let you know. God bless
· · · See Friendship · February 21 at 11:58am

    • Marie Marriott I haven't replied to it.

    • Helga Hickman You know, I saw a lot of "mailer daemons" in my box this morning, and am meaning to notify Yahoo. I did not send anything out! I think my account has been hacked! Thanks!
      Such embarrassment!

    • Helga Hickman Just got through changing everything on my Yahoo mail. I pray it works! This is the first time I go through this, although I do get mail from others that I know they did not send!

      Thanks for letting me know! Have a blessed day, sister Marie!



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