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Friday, August 31, 2012

Vote Mitt Romney for President: Ignorance is never bliss! Mitt Romney: An Introduction!

As it is with most anyone, I am not devoid of some prejudice, and Romney's Mormonism certainly fed into it! But then, this is the land of the free, where we are all equal, and for which liberty most have left their birthplaces and loved ones behind!

Viewing the GOP Convention has proven that ignorance is never bliss!  While it is we have had a president who is not ashamed of usurping powers he has not, nor of claiming victories not his own, whose overuse of the pronouns "I", "ME", "MY" have come to turn my stomach, in Governor Mitt Romney we have a self-effacing winner, who is humble to a fault!

Last night's testimonies to his character and steadfastness, his own speech, tugged at my heart! I will gleefully vote this man to be my president! He is, indeed, a winner, in more ways than one!
His fruitful life, devoid of scandal, is a testament to this!

Here a link for the correct video: Mitt Romney: Introduction

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Mitt Romney: Introduction

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2012 Republican National Convention, Day Four

August 30, 2012 | Tampa, FL



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