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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Exposed! Criminal acts of anti-gun mayors by

Meet the Mayors

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his Mayors Against Illegal Guns

So who are the real criminals?

America’s 80 million law-abiding gun
owners or Mayor Bloomberg’s gang
of gun-grabbing politicians?

Many of these elitist politicians can no longer
own firearms, maybe that’s why they don’t
want you to own one either?

Help the Second Amendment Foundation
(www.saf/org) protect your freedom by
exposing the corrupt politicians who have no
respect for our right to keep and bear arms.

The Godfather 
and his fellow 
Gun Grabbing Gang

Here are just a few current or former Mayors from Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Sheila Dixon – Baltimore, MD
Convicted of perjury
and embezzling funds
meant for charity

Gary Becker – Racine, WI
Convicted of attempted
child molestation and luring
a child for illicit purposes

Larry Langford – Birmingham, AL
Convicted on 60 counts
of bribery, fraud, money
laundering, tax evasion

Eddie Perez – Hartford, CT
Convicted of bribery
and extortion

David Donna – Guttenberg, NJ
Convicted of extortion
and tax fraud

Frank Melton – Jackson, MS
Convicted of violating his own
city gun possession ordinance

Buddy Cianci – Providence, RI
Convicted of assault and

Samuel Rivera – Passaic, NJ
Convicted of extortion
and accepting bribes

Jeremiah Healy – Jersey City, NJ

Convicted of disorderly conduct
and resisting arrest

Will Wynn – Austin, TX
Convicted of assault

Kwame Kilpatrick – Detroit, MI
Convicted of assault on a
police officer and perjury

Richard Corkery – Coaldale, PA
Convicted of child pornography
and bail violations

Adam Bradley – White Plains, NY
Convicted of domestic
violence charges

Gordon Jenkins – Monticello, NY
Pled guilty on five counts of
trademark counterfeiting

Roosevelt Dorn – Inglewood, CA
Pled guilty to public corruption
and embezzlement charges

Pat M. Ahumada Jr. – Brownsville, TX
Arrested three times for
driving while intoxicated

April Almond – East Haven, CT

Arrested and charged for
interfering with a police officer

Tony Mack – Trenton, NJ
Recently charged for
accepting $119,000 in bribes

Gunowners Against Illegal Mayors, 

a project of the 
Second Amendment Foundation.

Help us expose these corrupt officials 
who want to take our firearms away!

Read the latest now on 


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