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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Historical Introduction on the Book of Philippians by Pastor Tom Bruscha

This is a new pastor to me, whom I have enjoyed hearing.  He seems to really know about dividing the word of God, properly, and that is very important.  He preaches at Grace Bible Church, in Warren, Michigan.

I especially like this sermon, that specifies well the dispensations regarding the Gentiles and the Jews.  

Just click on the link to hear him or watch the playlist.

Confirming the souls of the disciples, 
and exhorting them to continue in the faith, 
and that we must through much tribulation 
enter into the kingdom of God.
Acts 14:22 (King James Bible)
One MUST understand that in Acts, Paul was just beginning his ministry, which began by preaching to the Jews.  Thus, this is why the above verse mentions entering into the kingdom of God.

The Book of Acts is a "transitional" book, which takes us from the Old Testament to the New Testament.  We all know that to open a "new" testament, the testator must be dead!  Therefore, the first four gospels which depict Jesus when living among the Jews, are considered part of the Old Testament, reason why we see Jesus ABIDING BY THE LAW, as was required of him as a Jew.  He came to fulfill the Law!

We, as Christians, are under GRACE, and NOT under the Law!  Any Jews that are converted during this dispensation of GRACE, are no longer Jews, but Christians!

So then faith cometh by hearing, 
and hearing by the word of God.
Romans 10:17 (King James Bible)

Feb 14, 2010 - Historical Introduction 
on the Book of Philippians

Uploaded by on Jul 13, 2010
Watch all five parts together [just short of 50 minutes long]:

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