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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Two Former Priests Analyze Catholicism with Richard Bennett -

What awesome testimony given here, brother Richard!

Thank you, so very much, for sharing this, which is also going to my Facebook and blog!

How sad, that in entering the seminary, these young men need spend 6 years learning the theology of Augustine** and Aristotle, yet, in a ministry meant to serve God, God's word is of none-effect!

Indeed, it isn't "do!" It is DONE!

**I meant to say, Thomas Aquinas, and not, Augustine!

Two Former Priests 

Analyze Catholicism

Published on Jul 31, 2013 by ChristianVoice08

In the context of Henry Nowakowski's life as a Catholic Priest, Richard Bennett questioned him concerning the Catholic environment in which he was raised. Richard, himself a former priest, also asks Henry what was the key in his early Catholic upbringing. 

In the interview, Catholicism is scrutinized as they both discuss Henry's life dedicated in the Catholic priesthood. Henry's seminary training and experience reveals much of the heart of Papal Rome. Very informative also was their joint analysis of the Vatican Council II. However, the highpoint of the interview was Henry Nowakowski's analyses of the contrast of God's sovereignty to Roman Catholic claim to the Pope's infallibility. Many Evangelicals, and we trust some Catholics as well, will be awakened by this video. 

Responses will be welcomed at, by both Henry and Richard. 

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