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Thursday, March 1, 2012

A stitch in time... The wisdom of hindsight!

Something not done by me four years ago!  It will never happen again! 
Now, I am privy to hindsight!  And that is priceless!

A couple of days ago I watched the movie that depicted the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart.  It must have just begun when I flipped channels, and it held my attention.  End result is that it was very tastefully done, the gory details of the repulsive acts of the kidnapper to have been excluded!

I was impressed by the dignity of the parents who, even under suspicion, held their own, and did not cower away, but stayed in the limelight!
Finding their daughter was all that mattered to them!

I was utterly disgusted with the schizophrenic kidnapper who believed himself to be an emissary of God!  The Vatican can also boast of having the same narcissistic type in "Peter's Chair!"  Not to mention the countless who roam the mental wards throughout the world!

As I had previously stated in my post "timer 55," unknowingly we meet such sociopaths along our trek in this world, sadly, more often than not, I have learned!  Well, the one I had the misfortune to meet, and properly identify, thank God, has just sent me a dozen red roses, received on Tuesday, February 28th, with the following card, which I post, verbatim:

A HUG from your Heavenly Father. I LOVE YOU,
My Darling Daughter!

First Corinthians Chapter Two, Verse Nine

Does that not give one the shudders!  HOW CREEPY!!
I just want to throw up!

The sender would have done better to instruct the clerk on the word of God, and how it is to be penned!  I was irked that FedEx gave me not the option to refuse such delivery, leaving it on my porch!  Nether would they just pick it up and have it delivered back to him!  No!  They don't do this with flowers!  They would just destroy them!  Then I will go through the expense of sending them back, myself, if I have to, but back they go to the sender,
and I know it wasn't God who sent them!

But, subsequently, I got to speak to a FedEx supervisor who, thankfully, most satisfactorily resolved the issue: she is having it picked up on Wednesday, February 29th, for which I shall even have proof of shipment back to the sender! AWESOME!

Praise God, personally, I only know one such conceited fool at the moment, who proposes to act for God, the same who cannot distinguish between a hacker's piece of mail and a legitimate one!  Such mail to have fed into his narcissism perfectly well!  It says a lot for his IQ!

I am sending the roses back to you, Timmo!  NOW, I'd say, THIS MY ACTION SHOWS GREAT PANACHE, to use a word you so like!!  I pray they arrive good and dead on Thursday, just as the relationship we had has been!  DEAD!!!!  Going on four years!!  Get it through your thick narcissistic brain!  WE ARE DONE!!  DONE FOR GOOD!! 

I even doubt that we meet in Heaven, TO WHERE I KNOW I AM GOING, but you...  I sincerely have my reservations!

Neither will you be missed!

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