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Monday, July 4, 2011

In the mind of a SOCIOPATH the end always justifies the means: "timer 55"


In watching a news segment the other day, some psychologist stated that most would be floored to know that they have encountered such people in their daily existences,... without ever realizing it.

When it is that such a condition is supported by a brilliant mind, such people are diabolical, indeed, and very dangerous!

Praise God that I knew to identify the two main ones I encountered in my life quite easily, and was most blessed that such did not possess a brilliant mind: much to the contrary: their own words never failed to convict them!

I have watched with much interest the Casey Anthony closing arguments, brilliantly conducted by the prosecution; nothing but a yawn by the defense! Well, given what each had in their plate, it is no surprise that it have been so! I have to add that the presiding judge epitomizes "cool!" He is awesome!

As stated by the prosecution, Casey possesses a brilliant mind! She could remember the very details of her never-ending elaborate tales about non-existent friends and boyfriends told well over a year before!  WOW!! This certainly requires a brilliant mind, for it is just for this that most "plots" by such collapse: they forget and get confused as to what they said or did! Because of her fantastic ability, she was able to deceive and manipulate her parents for some two years about where she worked and whom she knew! I find this incredible!! To harbor under one's roof such a despicable creature!

Were it not for the fact that this innocent child was now beginning to talk, and would thus, BLOW HER COVER, Casey HAD TO do away with her, not forgetting to give her a kiss of death as she placed the 3 pieces of duct tape across her little mouth, nose, and the third one to cover whatever gaps in between, to ensure a tight seal that would not allow for life-giving air to be inhaled,... and a heart sticker on top! Such callousness!  This done, off she was to party and joyously celebrated her new-found freedom with a tattoo that well described her euphoria: "BELLA VITA"! Indeed!

People at large need to know that such a deranged condition is NOT a mental disease for which we need feel sorry for these when they are caught, nor that any one medication offers a cure for it: these are evil people whose sole purpose in life is to promote themselves, care for themselves, regarding solely themselves!

I don't know if one such "diseased" spirit condition is a "trait" that is passed on somewhere in the gene: a bad seed! I would think it is, given the amazing number of the existence for so many as the above-mentioned psychologist states.

But, when a toddler is raised by those whom a 4-year-old child recognizes as liars, "My mommy lies!," as I heard one state to me back in 2001, then one wonders if this will be an accepted means this child may utilize to get away with mischief and more! She has, no doubt, seen her mother play such a card, continually, seeing her have an endless succession of men in her bed, this being an extremely debased being, responsible for the untimely death of one who held much promise...! Just what good traits could one such compulsive liar pass on as a legacy? Not a one, I am sure!

I have not seen this child since she was 5, and, given I know of the roster of lies told by her most morally-bankrupt mother regarding most every aspect of her conception (the proven result of the equivalent of a one-night stand!), which this depraved pathological liar announced to others as that of an actual invented "relationship!" while the grandmother bemoaned the fact that she had NEVER met the father (And why would she have? THEY NEVER DATED!) and of a paternal heredity this sociopath actually knows nothing, having fabricated a most illogical tangled web of lies in which no piece of any puzzle would fit but in her diminutive-IQ brain, with a barely-room-temperature mind, I would not be surprised that this child, today a young lady, has just not been given the proper tools to withstand the wiles of the devil!

State's Closing: Part 1

Published on Jul 3, 2011 by
Part 1 of the state's closing argument in the Casey Anthony murder trial.

State's Closing: Part 2

Published on Jul 3, 2011 by
Part 1 of the state's closing argument in the Casey Anthony murder trial.

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