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Thursday, June 30, 2011

UPDATED!! My response to soosidecelt aka SoInDeceit NOW IN LALALAND!

July 1, 2011:
This moron is at it again, still while in LALALAND! Just left me comment (published at the end of this post)! Were it to not come from one such piece of garbage, I would be flattered for the continued visits!  

Me fuming? Actually not! You'd have to be worth something for anyone to bother getting upset! Besides, the filth that proceeds from your heart is only harmful to you, not me! 

It would do this moron wonders to at least have a command of the language, but, that would be too much for her/his little brain to assimilate, which IQ must barely hit room temperature!

IT, this ANOMALY OF CREATION (an IT it must be, dumped in the sewer by someone!) even stutters when writing her sewer-mouth filth, if one can call it writing! Probably hasn't passed the GED exam!

Why should I be the only one to be amused?! Here I provide an example for all to see! Most can just see the deplorable condition of some who have not God in their lives, who have nothing better to do than to mind other people's business, and thank God it is not them! 

Here is a clear instance in which one can say: 

It makes one shudder!!

I pray this piece of raw sewage is not a parent! God forbid such genes to multiply! 

I wouldn't doubt IT to be ridden with holes throughout the body, with tattoos all over, that would give IT the demon look IT conveys of its inner-self!!

A repulsive image, indeed, to match the mouth!!

Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.
Ephesians 4:29 (King James Bible) 

June 30, 2011:
I just find so very extremely humorous the extremely appropriate usernames some have OF THEIR OWN CHOOSING!  It seems my response to soosidecelt aka SoInDeceit has hit a nerve that has catapulted this deplorable character into LALALAND!

Actually, that is just another name for the land of deceit, his/her previous abode, in which this character has just taken residence... for now! This the type with which I am so very well acquainted: they open accounts just for the purpose of "speaking" their pathetically diminutive minds for which the use of rational thinking is unknown!

How interesting that this character call me hateful and of moronic writing: I dare anyone to be able to interpret the absurdities this idiot writes! I can boast of some knowledge of the language and yet, cannot make heads of tails of the rant, except to know that this is a LOST person, devoid of any intelligence with which to seek the truth!

Ah! Please do not fail to see the LOVE she/he is spreading, as opposed to me who spreads hate, of course!!

I dare say, without seeming to stereotype anyone, I do wish I had been born a Jew! I have a feeling I'd have more pennies to rub against each other than I do now!

I must add that this individual seems to forget that not only was Christ a Jew, but so were His disciples, thanks to whom we have the New Testament! Of course the cult in which this individual delves has had no use for the truth it discloses!

In closing, I do repent that such filth as you, SoInDeceit now in Lalaland, were also created in the image of God! I have a feeling He does too,... grievously!

And it repented the LORD 
that he had made man on the earth, 
and it grieved him at his heart.
Genesis 6:6 (King James Bible)

lalaland92 said...
To Helga Hickman; You are such a hateful old bitch! Is that a stupid Christmas carol narration that you wrote on your profile? How could Jesus possibly have gone to college in AD 30? That is the idiotic moronic narration of radio city music hall Christmas Carol! Childish and stupid, it's made for children! you idiot retarded bitch! And you spread HATE! What's your problem? you fucking old witch!
lalaland92 said...
Helga, you're a bitter old hag, I see from your face and name that you're a Jew, remember? JEWS killed Christ!!! You're such a loathsome mess who are filled with bitterness and Hate!!! you're a disgusting creature and an IDIOT! REPENT OR PERISH! The only hope that you can wait is DEATH!!
Above comments left on my post My response to soosidecelt aka SoInDeceit  


safes and locks


1 comment:

  1. OMG!LOLLOLROTFLMFAO!!!! It's extremely hilarious that this sad pathetic old woman Helga Hickman is plain obsessed and paranoid!!
    So if you get tens of ppl who rebuke you and don't take side with you, it's just one single person with multiple accounts? Tsk tsk tsk, You've just proved my point that you're a complete IDIOT MORON who don't possess any intelligence or education, you pathetic sad IDIOT!!!! I'm NOT sooside or soin. I have created this username because I knew I'll be writing to you..A no good, no worthwhile bottom class gutter rat. What would be more suitable than this moronic name for the moronic likes of you? HA! Keep babbling on your rambling! It's hilarious! I can almost see you're fuming with flared nostrils!! LOL Lol! ROTFLMAO!

    You're a sad old woman who have learned NOTHING in the course of your old and vain life. It's almost painful to see a 60 something yr old grandma to use filth to get her point across. If you haven't already learned your life lesson by now, You'll NEVER
    learn it!

    BTW, about the Jews, of course the apostles of Jesus were all Jews and so were those Pharisees and religious leaders who killed Jesus.
    The point I was making was that You were on the Pharisee sect of the Jews and that you were DEFINITELY not the apostle side of the Jews. With your moronic idiotic small brain of yours, is it possible at all that I assume you you get my point?

    Grandma, it's YOU who are LOST. It's sad.. for as long as you don't cast out your laughable "pride" and call everybody a name, you'll REMAIN lost. You "spread" hate toward others yet, you expect others "spread love" toward you? You're a bitter, twisted, sad old woman who is also, seriously, intellectually - challenged.

    When the next person come along chiding you, it's "me" "created another name" LOLLOLLOL