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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Reading the article about EVANGELICAL LEADERS SIGN STATEMENT PROCLAIMING GOD OF ISLAM AND GOD OF BIBLE AS “ONE GOD”... has devastated me, and I have been delinquent about posting on this my blog. I lack the wherewithal to continue, at least for now.

I can only think of the enormous blessing I feel upon me, that He has bestowed and will for ever more! Such feeling has brought to mind the time when I felt somewhat like this when it was I posted WHY ME LORD?
I am so very tired of "fighting" with those with whom I want to share the truth of God's word! I am tired of being told I am "bashing" Catholics when it is that I cannot help but think "There but for the Grace of God,... go I !" I want Roman Catholics to be saved, as I am! This an assurance the peace for which is indescribable!

This is all I can ask myself: Why me Lord? What have I ever done, to deserve even one of the blessings I've known?! Especially when it is I hear, more often than not, that one does not, statistically, get "called" to the truth after the age of 30. This is very rare! I was 52 when the scales fell off my eyes and I saw, thanks to the Holy Spirit!

Thank you, Lord!


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