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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is the Vatican Behind Concentration Camps in America? by Chris Pinto


Noise of Thunder Will Not Be Silent

Chris Pinto Article Turned Away Due To Subject Matter

Unfortunately, we went to send out the article included in this email and was turned down due to the subject matter: "Is the Vatican Behind Concentration Camps in America?". Over the last few days, Chris has been discussing the roles of Rome, the Vatican, and the Pope during and after World War II. Now see the connections Chris has been able to make with those same roles in America today.

Without further ado.

Is the Vatican Behind 
Concentration Camps in America?

A movement has been growing among independent evangelical Christians, who have begun to recognize the pervasive influence of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States.  One radio host asks: is Rome setting up concentration camps in the United States? Stories of detention camps in the U.S. have permeated the conspiracy community for decades.  But could the Vatican’s involvement actually make sense of it all?

“Rome carried on the Great Inquisition throughout Europe for six hundred years,” says Chris Pinto, host of the Noise of Thunder Radio broadcast.   “But with the Revolutionary era, her persecutions went underground.  She continued her programs of extermination of heretics, but did so secretly, by manipulating world governments from behind the scenes.”

The Vatican’s involvement in genocidal programs through the 20th century is the subject of Pinto’s broadcasts this week.  He begins by exposing the Vatican Ratlines just after World War II, when the Church of Rome helped thousands of Nazi war criminals to escape justice, smuggling them out of Europe and into Argentina.

“The United States and Great Britain were involved,” says Pinto, referring to a 1994 episode of Prime Time Live with Sam Donaldson, titled The Last Refuge.  But why would they help Nazis escape?  According to Pinto, “Because the Nazi Holocaust was a 20th century version of the Great Inquisition.  Rome was doing through Hitler what she had been doing for nearly a thousand years.  When Hitler died,” Pinto says, “the Vatican called him a son of the Catholic Church, who died while defending Christianity.”

“In 1888, the Protestant Missions of London warned that the Vatican and her Jesuit priests were working to dominate the world through England and America,” he continues.  “The fact that they are still pursuing this tactic becomes more evident as world events unfold.”

Pinto says, “Britain’s Tony Blair has now teamed up with America’s Rick Warren, to drag Christians into a world wide interfaith movement designed by Rome to erect the kingdom of Antichrist.  My concern is that pastors and churches will be used by the Vatican to carry out what may be an American massacre in the future.  This is the tactic Rome used in the 1994 Rwanda genocide, where some 800,000 Tutsi Christians were murdered by the mostly Catholic Hutus.  Roman Catholic priests and nuns took part in the murders, and have been sheltered by the Vatican afterwards, just as they did with the Nazis.”

The "tactic" Pinto refers to is that the Vatican involved Protestant churches that were given over to Ecumenism in the bloodletting.

While Pinto’s claims might seem extreme, he points out that our current Supreme Court is dominated by Roman Catholics, the new chaplain for the House of Representatives is a Jesuit priest, and that our last two presidents (Bush and Obama) have both bowed to the Pope in Rome.

To learn more about Pinto’s views on this issue, listen to his Noise of Thunder Radio Show at

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