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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Are you afraid to die? Not if you KNOW where you are going!! The Book of Daniel (Daniel 3:13-30) by bbbfohio

So many reiterations are made in this study! Just love it!

First of all, it verifies that the King James Bible IS the true word of God for no one but Satan would seek to omit "the Son of God!"

Second, again it tells us that God will not have us avoid problems, but WILL BE WITH US AS WE WORK THROUGH THEM, just as Psalm 23 says!

Third, we need not worry where we will end up when we leave this earth:
Eternity is ours in Heaven with Our Lord and God!

We must be ready for the next unifier to come, the NWO! Constantine was the first to "unify" pagans and Christians to help resolve his problems, and so begin the Roman Catholic UNIVERSAL Church.  More and more we see ECUMENICAL values being extolled, all roads leading to Roma, and very few there will be to stand their ground on the word of God alone! On faith alone! In Christ alone!

The Book of Daniel 

(Daniel 3:13-30)

Uploaded by on Jun 6, 2011

Join us in our continuing study of the Book of Daniel and see some things that your Sunday School teacher, Seminary professor and TV preachers probably would never have taught you from this famous text. Three Hebrews are cast into the fiery furnace, so what's that got to do with ME, with Israel, with the end times??

Watch and learn.


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