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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Haaretz’s Pitiful Attack on Elie Wiesel

This is beyond disgraceful!!

This may not be the most offensive Haaretz column ever written, but it very possibly is the most idiotic. From Rogel Alpher in Haaretz: I saw you during Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech in Congress, Elie Wiesel. You were there, in the...

  • Helga Hickman WOW!! What a petty, evil being, and surely not a human being!
    One has to feel sad for the imbecile, for it is obvious, the green bug of jealousy has bitten him!

    I don't live in Israel, and I care what happens with Israel, for the way Israel goes, so will America! Obviously, he's missed the chants of "Death to America" voiced on more occasions than one can count, right out of Iran!

    Or is it that he's so envious of Mr. Elie Wiesel's courage through the years, having withstood plights no one human can imagine, unless it is they've gone through them;
    the envy of such one Super-Human to eat away at him, cutting him down to size, for all he can show for himself in life, is his unimportant self;
    and after whose death, one would have to strain and say "Rogel Alpher, who??"

    Elie Wiesel will live on for as long as the world does!
  • Sara Schroeder It's so repugnant!! Who cares if he doesn't live in Israel? I don't currently live there, either, but that doesn't make Bibi any less of my PM nor does it mean that he speaks any less for me! In Diaspora, Jews are to stand up for, support, & educate on Israel. And this whole vast "Zionist Conspiracy" is ridiculous!! I've seen comments posted on FB pages (I'll send you a PM on that) claiming that Joel Osteen is just a part of the "Zionist Conspiracy." I'm no Joel Osteen fan, but I highly doubt his false teaching is due to his "Zionism"

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