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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mental illness and the charge of others

I wonder which is the worst, a terrorist who makes no qualms he wishes to do harm to others, or one suffering with a mental illness, who might not mean to do harm to others, until he feels he is pushed to do so.

In places like Germany (and Eastern Europe), mental illness is discarded as being more of a nuisance, that should be overcome by the patient, if he so wills (Sadly, I have first-hand knowledge of this!). This the reason, perhaps, this co-pilot was taunted upon his return to flying, after his 6-month reprieve. It seems all need pay attention to the seriousness of the issue.

They need change the laws, whereby one such doctor, who gave the co-pilot an excuse for the day, should have been required (at least morally!) to call the airline to inform them of said excuse.   
Too many lives were dependent on such excuse.

The Germanwings co-pilot who appeared to intentionally crash an airliner into a French mountainside this week, killing himself and 149 passengers and crew,...|By William Boston, Andrea Thomas



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