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Monday, March 30, 2015

Kerry on Iran Deal: ‘If Allah Wills It’


Ah! What do you know, we shall yet have a twofer, here:


Putting his hands together in such fashion is not difficult for kERRy, who comes from the Roman Catholic CULT which is quite familiar with it, the joining of the hands to be a trademark of most every pagan religion!

Kerry on Iran Deal: ‘If Allah Wills It’

Iran can pretty much write their own deal.
Check it out:
Secretary of State John Kerry allegedly responded in a most unusual way to a reporter’s question Friday whether a nuclear arms deal could be reached with Iran before the March 31 deadline.
Allah willing,” Kerry replied — in Arabic, according to Laura Rozen, a reporter covering the Iran nuclear talks in Lausanne, Switzerland, for the Washington, D.C.-based online publication, Al-Monitor.
As news reached the public Friday that a deal may be forthcoming, Rozen tweeted:
Iranian student in Switzerland just saw John Kerry buying chocolate. Asked him about #IranTalks. He said: Inshallah!
— Negar نگار (@NegarMortazavi) March 27, 2015

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