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Sunday, October 31, 2010

HELL'S PLAY LIST!! by BereanBeacon

Praise God that "trial and error" works, at times, with no error!

YouTube has changed and no longer presents the "embed" for a playlist, yet, here is, another way to do it, which I think works even better!!

A Letter fom Hell
4 Things about Hell
A Mother in Hell
Warning! Warning!
The Horrors of Hell
Saved? Think Again!
False Views of Hell
General Overview of Hell- Eternal Punishment

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  1. Gee! How appropriate! Here it is Halloween, and I just happen to put up a play list on Hell!

    God, indeed, does work in mysterious ways!!

  2. I have no idea how I got this post to come up first! Gee! I was attempting to see if you posted Lion and Lamb Ministry. Perhaps, tomorrow as I be off to rest for the evening. Pray you have a good evening, dear Helga.

    1. Oh, my! You were up late!

      No, I am still very neglectful of updating posts here, about which I feel guilty! It is ice out there this morning, and tree has come down, right where some people would be parking, were it not that the cars had to be moved to the other side to comply with the city ordinance!

      Well, off for some more coffee before I listen to Pastor Rodney!

      My God bless you, dearest Wendi and Bob, and have you enjoy this Sunday!

    2. Oh! I am always making typos!

      I meant: May God bless you,...