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Sunday, January 8, 2012

God's Promises to Christians by Bryan Denlinger of Bible Believers Fellowship


Bryan Denlinger Bible Believers Fellowship 

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SUN 10/25/2009

In this sermon we look at 5 promises that God has made to Christians. The bible says in Titus 1:2 that 'God cannot lie', so we know that what God has promised WILL come to pass.

My Comment left on this sermon:

“ What a great and comforting sermon! ”
Indeed! Today I cannot comprehend how it is that dividing the word is not spoken of by the majority of pastors, I would say! I feel so very blessed that you "harp" on it all the time! What comfort to KNOW exactly what is what in the word of God! 

So-called "Christian" broadcasting stations are so very bogus! They are anything but Christian, filled with apostate preachers! I am so very impatient for His coming, but at the same time, am so very happy that he did not come when I was not as yet saved. Statistics show that one is seldom saved in their fifties and over! Praise God, as usual, I just don't fit the mold, again! I was 52 when saved, but went some 10 years from church to church, never hearing the "right" message until it was I learned of the King James Bible! Then all understanding came cascading into place! What a wonderful feeling! 

Yes, just about an hour ago I answered someone who said "if we just got together with others," etc., etc.. How blind these are! 

Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners. 
1 Corinthians 15:33 

The opposite does not happen! We need to "keep separate" for our God is a holy God and does not accept leaven! 

Thank you, Pastor Bryan, for another great sermon!

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