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Friday, January 6, 2012

Lordson Roch: Pastor of Grace and Truth Baptist Church in Goa, India


I am Lordson Roch. I Pastor the Grace and Truth Baptist Church in Goa India. I was born & brought up in a Roman Catholic family in a below poverty line but a staunch & religious family. Right from my childhood days I wanted to be a Roman Catholic priest. Due to poverty at home my parents couldn’t afford to educate me & send me to school. I was taught A-Z & 1-100 at home & then I was put in the orphanage run by the Franciscan Order & there I was given free education & I completed my high school. 

Mean while in the orphanage, the superior watched me closely & was encouraging me to join the seminary & to join their orders! Three times I received calling letters from three seminaries from three different states in India. Some situations & circumstances stopped me from joining. When I was 12 years old my daddy passed away which was a big blow to me & my family. After high school the orphanage sent all the students home.

I started working at a very minor age & left education & instead enjoyed the fashions and courses of this world. Then a year later I dreamed of becoming a lawyer & joined the government higher secondary school. It was here in my 12th standard before my board exams one man came to my home with the Gospel & was sharing it to my family members. I heard as he read John 14v6. This verse came alive to me that day. I felt the smell of my sins & I cried like a baby & cried to The Lord to forgive me & asked the Lord Jesus to come into my heart & save me & be the Lord of my life- that was on the 21st Jan 2000.

I became active in the church & started to witness to people about the Lord Jesus Christ & in the process; the Lord put a burden in my heart to work among my people. I never wanted to be a pastor & I tried to run away from the calling. One day I came home from an interview & took my Bible & God spoke to me through the scripture as I read Eph 4v1 & then Rom 8v28-30... I knew now what God was telling me!

I joined the Bible College & completed my Bth & BD. In the college the Lord met my needs & I graduated. I learnt God's word at the same time & I started preaching during holidays & I led few people to the Lord. But it was only after my graduation that I believed the AV 1611.  In the college they are always correcting the AV Bible but God was good to me & sent few people in my life where I studied and believed the infallible word of God THE AUTHORIZED VERSION BIBLE! Despite attending a Bible College that attacks the words of the living God, the Lord opens mine eyes to come to know the preserved, pure, perfect, inerrant and inspired words of God in the King James Bible for the English speaking world. Preaching from the KJV is a great blessing and there is power in it.   Ecclesiastes 8:4   Where the word of a king is, there is power: When I read my KJV God speaks to me and when I pray I speak to the God the KING!

In the year 2006 when I came back to my state from the Bible College, I came trusting the Lord that He will lead me & I would follow. As I went around for two months sharing the Gospel nobody got saved & was discouraged only to see one day one Hindu boy came to me & said " I want to know more about Christ!" I shared the Gospel & the Lord saved him there & then. Regular Bible study began with this young brother & then three more joined us.

On May 6th 2007 we gathered in my home: altogether five people for Sunday worship service. Slowly the Lord saved a few more & by the end of the year we were 20 in number.

The Devil also was busy working to split us & he did use some people & some people did leave. But the Lord blessed us again & now we are up to 30 people attending the English service and 25 in the Hindi service. & the Wednesday Bible study & Friday prayer meeting. I also give free tuition to 38 children in the slum every day & Sunday I teach them Bible stories & songs hoping to see some children coming to Christ soon. They are all from Hindu and Muslim families.

Tracts distribution is done widely & we have seen some trusting Christ and a few have come to our church. The Lord has also allowed me to preach in other states of India in the youth meetings and revival meetings and has seen great fruits in this work too.

There are ups and downs in the work but the Lord is faithful to me. There are a lot of adversaries but I enjoy it because it is a part & a blessing of the Christian life. Difficulties keep me on my knees and keep me humble and totally dependent upon the Lord. I stay with my mom & my elder brother’s family & we have all our church services in my mom's living room. God has been good to us always. I appreciate your prayers for me and the ministry!!

Fellow Servant
Lordson Roch.

''A ministry that is committed to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ, to magnify the Word of God AV 1611, edify the saints and evangelize the sinners.''


I am hoping to subsequently post a wonderful video for which slides were sent to Dave Flang (BereanBeacon on YouTube) which will have an audio testimony by Pastor Lordson Roch. 

I happened to have seen a comment by this wonderful brother to which I responded several months ago, and am ever so grateful our paths crossed at the time! He is working wonders in Goa, which holds wonderful memories for me for it is where I was born, when it used to be Portuguese India! 

It also happens to be the site where Joao Ferreira de Almeida was imprisoned and put to death during the Catholic Inquisition for attempting to translate the Textus Receptus into Portuguese! 
I have dubbed him the Portuguese King James!  

Pastor Lordson Roch's work in Goa with the King James Bible,
in what used to be a Roman Catholic venue,
is awesome vindication for the memory of Joao Ferreira de Almeida. 
Speak of poetic justice, not to mention God's!

To me belongeth vengeance and recompence; 
their foot shall slide in due time: 
for the day of their calamity is at hand, 
and the things that shall come upon them make haste.
Deuteronomy 32:35 (King James Bible)



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