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Thursday, May 24, 2012


This is, just about, the sorest spot for me! 
I feel nothing but outrage when hearing of such "mission work!"
I commented on this video, but doubt these be up for long, so I transfer them here.

"A local body of believers is alive and thriving!" is heard said in the video! THAT IS TRUE!
Just how much more it would be thriving, if the money wasted by these who sought no more than a thrill, were given to them who would employ it in a much more productive way for the glory of God!

The video editorial says these "selfless" team of 30 WORKERS were living and working there amongst the needy!  Ha Ha Ha!  Isn't that funny!  Notice the environment from which some give their testimony, IN A COMFORTABLE HOTEL ROOM, WITH ELECTRICITY AND RUNNING WATER!!

THE SHEER HYPOCRISY! Thirty workers! Can anyone add up the tab? Can one not also see how some of these who make for no more than "curiosity" might have been gotten out of their dire conditions if given a chance to live decently and help spread the word of God? 

Amazing to see the "itch" someone had to travel! This pastor's church's channel, boasts of the following list of trips already taken:

Zambia 2005, London 2005, Finland 2005,  
Colombia 2006, France 2006, Argentina 2006.

Can't you just see how thrilled the "poor" in London, France and Finland were to see American "missionaries?"  Indeed!  A godsend so desperately in need are these for "short-term missionaries," or, if you wish, "church refreshers," as we hear in another video (France)!  Such conceit! Right here in the USA, there are dying churches, but we have to go abroad to "refresh" theirs!

It seems they are running behind with the uploads of these yearly trips of, at least, three countries per year! How disgusting! Just what does this church teach? Certainly not to be responsible stewards!! 

This is a shameless travesty!

Psalm 111:9 (King James Bible)

India (2006)


Published on May 24, 2012 by
A short-term missions team of volunteers travels to the red light districts of Mumbai and Pune to share the Gospel and the love of Christ with the sex workers and their children, as well as eunuchs, living and working there.

  • Unreal! The gall to call a "short-term mission," TWO WEEKS, TO BE PRECISE, a mission at all! By the time one gets there and gets acclimated, it is time to leave!
    Ah! But you leave patting each others' backs and say, just as Jane did "Well done!"
    • I KNOW PASTORS IN INDIA AND NEPAL, who do mission work and are in it for the long haul, braving the terrain and the brutal weather [traveling to] villages far from home, giving out tracts, in less-than-comfortable or safe conditions, to spread the word of God, in training ministers to do the same, who could well use a minimal percentage of the thousands of dollars you waste on what IS NO MORE THAN A VACATION FOR YOU! JUST ANOTHER THRILLING EXPERIENCE!!
    • This is no more than theft of God's money, when it is you must finance such vacations through donations, which is what is INVARIABLY done!
      I see on your channel that you have done a good job of traveling the world over and calling it MISSION WORK!


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