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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Jerry Pendry, THE FOOL, and the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution

Any who know me, know me to be a staunch Conservative, with a capital C!  I believe in my right to own guns, to speak freely, and every other right afforded me under that beautiful piece of exquisite literature, THE CONSTITUTION!

But, lo and behold, the Constitution requires not that I take leave of my brains, and ANYONE with a brain would know to act accordingly in any one grave situation!

One such horrendous situation the residents of Boston and Watertown had the misfortune of experiencing this past week, one that will be forever remembered through our history!  As if that wasn't enough for the local  authorities to endure, here we have a true blue nitwit posing barriers to the exercising of their challenging duties, and this fool Jonathan Melton, posts the following post which became a heated discussion.

God spare us such asinine idiots!  Such are scarier than any criminal!

So much for the Fourth Amendment. But there are public safety exceptions, huh?
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  • Helga Hickman You know, this is where people like you lose me! YOU ARE IDIOTS!

    These men put themselves in danger, and the least we, as citizens, can do at a time like this, is be helpful, AND GRATEFUL, and not pose idiotic rights in the way of their doing their jo

    If you have nothing to hide, there should be no problem, should there?!

    Same goes for the cameras on the streets: if it means keeping us safe, as it did here, for this is how they got to find out who the SOBs were, please, go ahead an follow my every move!
  • Karin Balboni Gray John I know people that live there and they were more than happy to have the police search their homes. One I spoke to was afraid that the bomber might have gotten into her basement because her bulkhead door was open.
  • Helga Hickman It disgusts me, NAUSEATES ME, to be see these "third parties" WHO WERE NOT THERE, CHIME IN THEIR UTTER IGNORANCE!
  • Claudette And Jerry Pendry Jerry here. Helga, you may vent on me, if you wish, and call me a moron. However, you would have fit right in as a resident of Hitler's Germany, where submitting to the SS and the brownshirts was the "patriotic" thing to do. After all, one must assist the brave young stormtroopers make society safe by rounding up those subversive and nasty Jews.

    Helga, there is a nationwide lessening of civil liberties, and things guaranteed in the Constitution are being ignored. JUST as in Nazi Germany in the 1930s, just before WWII. "Those who don't learn from history, are condemned to repeat it." Have a happy future under the government's thumb.
  • Karin Balboni Gray My friend was so happy after they searched her home and found no sign of the guy. I agree with you Helga that people that did not have to personally deal with the situation should be quiet.
  • Helga Hickman You know, if they gave prizes for those who can best compare apples with oranges, YOU WOULD WIN, HANDS DOWN! This is a most idiotic analogy which doesn't even merit consideration!
  • Claudette And Jerry Pendry Jerry here. Karin, I will never submit willingly to an illegal search and seizure operation. Helga, you're welcome to be who you are - one who will never understand.
  • Helga Hickman Well, I truly pray, Jerry, that the day may come when one such terrorist hides in your basement!
  • Claudette And Jerry Pendry Jerry here. He would not survive. I'm armed, trained, and would empty the magazine on the guy.
  • Helga Hickman Well, let's hope they get you first, and then your family will be calling whom:
    oh, yeah, those "home-invaders" right? Ah! Won't they be welcome, then!
  • Karin Balboni Gray knock..knock... Mr. Pendry I am "Agentl Smith" with the FBI may I search your home and shed we are looking for a bombing suspect that was last seen in the area...... Mr. Pendry says no..... the agent leaves and 5 min. later the pendry's home blows up and the bodies of the pendry's are found the next day........ Upon investigation the same type of bomb that was used at the marathon was used to blow up the pendry's home....... News report reads well 2 more lives lost to the bomber and these 2 lives could have been saved if it was not for there stupidity..... NO candle light vigils for these 2 idiots.
  • Claudette And Jerry Pendry Neither of you get it that your civil rights are going away. So sorry for you.
  • Karin Balboni Gray you don't have any civil rights Jerry you and your wife died when your house blew up.
  • Claudette And Jerry Pendry I understand fiction. You don't understand reality.
  • Karin Balboni Gray your reality will get everyone killed.

    If you had nothing to hide, you should not have to worry, should you?!

    I am willing to bet you don't care fo
    r the street cameras, either, eh? The very same one through the viewing of which these OTHER morons were captured! IT IS THAT THE LIKES OF YOU SCARE ME! YOU ARE PARANOID!
  • Claudette And Jerry Pendry Jerry here. Your freedom of speech is on the way out, too.
  • Helga Hickman You are a most pathetic moron! I truly pray it comes to bite you hard, one day!
    There is no doubt, people like you have no use for brains!
  • Claudette And Jerry Pendry Jerry here. Have a nice evening, Helga.
  • Karin Balboni Gray The only way that will happen Helga is when he or one of his family members goes through what they did in Boston and Watertown Mass. Until then the only thing his brain is used for is padding to sit down on.
  • Karin Balboni Gray He is what northerners refer to as a dumba $$ redneck.
  • Jonathan Melton Wow, another reader wishing harm!
  • Karin Balboni Gray Yes you are right Jonathan, Jerry was wishing harm on everyone in Watertown Mass.
  • Helga Hickman Ha Ha Ha Ha! Thank you, Karin! Boy! Did I need that! I was so very mad, before, and now, I can't stop laughing! Thank God he's down south, eh? Far from us!
    A merry heart doeth good like a medicine, indeed!
  • Karin Balboni Gray I am down south now any ways, I am a born and raised Yankee (South Shore Mass.), that is why I get a big laugh listening to rednecks.
  • Helga Hickman Oh! I lived in Tennessee many years, and cannot say enough good about the people! Nevertheless, rednecks they are!



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