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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Biblical Tithing by Pastor Tom Bruscha

Whereas there are pastors whose sermons never fail to instill guilt in the hearers, and prompt them to be more liberal with their purse strings, Pastor Tom Bruscha, of Grace Bible Church had never preached a sermon until this time, so long ago.  I have never heard him preach one, but know how he feels about it.  He will not accept any money if it comes as a tithe!

Nov 15, 2009 - Tithing (pt 1) 

Nov 22, 2009 - The Rest Of Israel's Tithe (pt 2)

Nov 29, 2009 - Tithing, Opening the windows of Heaven (pt 3)

Refreshing to know there be honest pastors, unlike Matthew Furan, who preached "Jesus demands our worship in the form of a tithe," a sermon he removed, together with most, after I sent this sermon to his "sending church," asking them was that what he had been taught there at, Heartland Baptist Bible College, in Oklahoma City, OK.  I had it downloaded, thus I still have it, should anyone wish to hear it!

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