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Monday, March 11, 2013

Hebrew Roots Movement by Pastor Mike Hoggard

"...the only way to really understand the NT,... 
which means you've got to learn the Hebrew..."

This is a very insidious fad that seems to be sweeping through Christian churches, deceitfully sounding like it is quite alright, yet it is not!  It is no more that a bunch of Judeaizers who aim to keep you from the simplicity that is in Christ alone!

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Mike Hoggard Bethel Church 
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SUN 02/17/2013
480+ downloads | 58 min

Sermon Details:
Pastor Hoggard uses the King James Bible to teach how very dangerous the Hebrew Roots Movement has become today. Those in this movement teach that to follow Jesus you must be familiar with and keep the Jewish Torah. It is another Gospel, as Pastor Hoggard proves from the Bible, designed to keep people away from the Second Covenant of the New Testament, Truth, and salvation by faith in Jesus Christ.


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