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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ex-Indiana megachurch pastor seeks minimum sentence

On occasion, and yet, frequently enough, we read or hear of things done by criminals that leave us with our jaws hanging wide open! But then, this fool did it also when he claimed he did not know it to be against the law to take a 16-year-old across state lines for a less-than-commendable excuse!

What truly leaves me sick, is that this kid be so dumb to believe him!  Is this true to most in her age group, in today's "progressive" society?  I doubt it!  Fact is, their "affair" was not made public, and she was not seen skipping into church hand in hand with this low-life!  That should have been a very telling sign to her, that NO ONE, much less God, would have approved of it! 

This is just a wanton child, whose parents did anything but parent her, it seems!  There can be no doubt that she had to have been giving clues at home, regarding the sudden "attachment" she was developing with this pedophile!

I am truly amazed that his wife "stand" by him!  He is surely not worth it!  I pray he gets the maximum sentence!  It is just, given his status in the church, at the time!

Ex-Indiana megachurch pastor seeks minimum sentence  

Ex-Indiana megachurch pastor 

seeks minimum sentence

HAMMOND, Ind. (AP) — The former pastor of a northwestern Indiana megachurch awaiting sentencing for a sexual relationship with an underage parishioner allegedly told the girl Jesus Christ approved of their tryst.

Federal prosecutors included letters former First Baptist Church pastor Jack Schaap wrote to his victim in their sentencing memorandum filed Wednesday in federal court in Hammond.

The Post-Tribune reports ( ) the 55-year-old Schaap wrote in the one letter to the 17-year-old girl that their relationship "is exactly what Christ desires for us."
Schaap was fired by the 15,000-member Hammond church in July and later pleaded guilty to taking a minor across state lines with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity.

He's scheduled to be sentenced Thursday morning and is seeking the minimum 10-year sentence under his conviction.




  1. Dear sister, Helga. I believe these wives stay for the money, really. This hireling had to have been getting paid top dollar to run a 15000 member organization. What a worm of a man.

    1. Well, my dearest Wendi, I am certain no divorce court would withhold any monies due her, for the "time" she has done with this pervert! She has all the proof she needs, plastered in the newspapers, regarding her abhorrent husband!

      Fact is, I believe, she has her self-esteem battered to a pulp by this evil man, who, many times embarased her right from the pulpit! She should have walked out the very first time he did so!

      But, it seems, she saw her mother go through it also, at the hands of the idolized Jack Hyles! How sad some women just accept such behavior from their husbands, especially when they come clothed as a "man of God!"