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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Which Jesus Do You Trust? by David Daniels

For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, 
whom we have not preached, 
or if ye receive another spirit, 
which ye have not received, or another gospel, 
which ye have not accepted, 
ye might well bear with him.
2 Corinthians 11:14 (King James Bible)

Which Jesus Do You Trust?

by David Daniels 

Published on Mar 18, 2013 by pdflm
When you give a tract and people say "I believe in Jesus," which Jesus do they mean? Here are 6 possibilities. I show you each holy book in the video, so you can check them for yourselves. Notice how clear the King James Bible is in comparison!

God bless you all!
In Christ Jesus, and for His service,
David W. Daniels



  1. I've thought about asking people during conversation, "So, what kind of Christian are you exactly?" Since, the word 'Christian' can mean almost anything in the age in which we live. At least Catholics (it seems)don't call themselves Christian. One knows where one stands with them.

    1. Ah, dear sister Wendi, let me enlighten you in that respect: just read my post "Answering Neve, a Roman Catholic who resents my well-chosen blog name: True Christianity vs Roman Catholicism".

      Catholics will state they are Catholic in their banners, etc., NEVER alluding to being Christian, UNTIL, it is convenient for them. Try telling a Catholic they are not Christian!

      They worship the "other Jesus" of whom Paul warned us, but they are ignorant about it!

      I was in that cult for 52 years without EVER reading the Bible. It wasn't until I read the New Testament straight through, and not the selected verses read in Mass, which are invariably taken out of context, that I realized there is not the slightest glimmer of the Catholic Church ANYWHERE in the New Testament, except, of course, in Revelation!

      I pray you have a great Sunday!

  2. Dear sister, Helga.

    Your reply is interesting to be sure, coming from such a background! I only meant at least when you ask someone what 'faith' they are you know they are Catholic, Mormon, etc. because they say as such. I've never been met with, "I'm a Christian," from any of those denominations. But, yes, you are correct, if you tell them they aren't Christian the hostility and defensiveness comes rushing forward!

    I actually drive by a Catholic church once in a while which has a statue of Mary incased on their placard and it says "Traditional Latin Mass". Who knows Latin?? WOW!

    I think your blog name is fitting and we know people are coming here because you have hit a raw nerve. It was the same with me and Mormonism. I was not very happy when someone told me I wasn't Christian and I was in a cult! Thanks be to our gracious God, Christ Jesus saved me!

    Just finished live-streaming Pastor Bruscha's continuation of Jonah.


    1. Yes, I watched it also! I loved that he addressed the "Live Streaming audience," especially because I asked Mr. Pete Boucher, who cares for the site, to relay to him my condolences regarding Pastor Tom's son-in-law, Bill.

      And to answer something you had said before, yes, Bill, was saved, although it doesn't seem his previous church's pastor (before he married Pastor Tom's daughter) understood exactly what salvation was. Its pastor was at the funeral services, and opened his mouth to say the wrong thing, annoying Pastor Tom immensely, stating to the effect that he was saved because he had baptized him, nothing about Jesus and the price He paid! How sad!

      Someone is coming to see the apartment at 2:30pm, so I need to get going! Today is garbage day, and since I was feeling so ill with my toothache last Sunday, I did not get to put it out, so now I have 2 weeks' worth!

      I am so glad you are listening to the Live Stream. This pastor so awesomely scriptural! When he is through with Jonah, I will gather them into one post. I love it that he is so very detailed about everything! A really gifted teacher!

      By the way, I don't think you understood me when I said any link will work on the channel feed, itself. I just posted the Jonah link on my channel feed for you to see. Try it!

      Have a great week!

      Love in Christ,


    2. Ha! Look at this: I just got something from Will Kinney on Jonah in the belly of the whale! I will post it, also!

  3. Sister, Helga.

    I just saw how you did that! I pinned it to the very right of my page as "Jonah". But, now that I see there is more than one message I will need to post as you did.

    Sounds like you are feeling better with the tooth! All praise to the Lord!

    Love in Christ,