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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Chris Pinto's Adullam Films: SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER -- Bible History Ten Pack -- $90.00

This is a marvelous witnessing tool to have and give away:


SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER -- Bible History Ten Pack -- $90.00
For a limited time, get 5 copies of "A Lamp in the Dark" and 5 copies of "Tares Among the Wheat" for just $90.00. This special offer is intended for those who desire to share these documentaries as witnessing tools with friends, family and fellow church members.
This is a *limited offer, available only this week through Adullam Films.
*Offer expires Saturday, March 9, 2013.




  1. Excellent. I have a Tares Preview uploaded.It's very short. Hope to find a better one that someone has edited. I don't use my Blog right now.

    1. I saw that on your channel. I will look into it and post it.

      Thanks, so much, for your input, Amy!

      May God help us to get as many as we can "out of her!"