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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chapter II: Pastor Ed Rice of Good Samaritan's Penny Pulpit: a liar and a fool

It seems our good pastor doesn't know the meaning of the word "goodbye!"

He claims to know Hebrew and Greek, but obviously, not English!

The following is self-evident.


Re: Plese read this! Re: Join A Biblical Hebrew Study Group Free

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 12:19 PM
To: "Helga"

Dear Helga,
I am sorry you consider me the enemy.  I didn't mean to lite your short fuse. You are wrong on several counts, but perhaps it will take you a week or two to let your verbose anger out.  I'll write then.
Pastor Ed Rice


Re: Plese read this! Re: Join A Biblical Hebrew Study Group Free

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 12:23 PM
From: "Helga"
To: "Ed Rice"

Please don't write again!  I cannot stand hypocrites, and you are certainly one!


Good Bye - Really?

Thursday, February 7, 2013 2:33 PM
From: "Ed Rice"

To: "Helga"

Dear Helga,
I have written two short essays addressing the foolishness in which you are dabbling.  You are not alone with incongruent responses.  I will choose one essay to publish.  But your responses are so obstinate that you deserve  both essays.  Pay attention and learn something.
Pastor Ed Rice
God's Hebrew is Like Technicolor
When we stood on the Southern Steps of the Temple in Jerusalem we stood where Jesus stood, we walked where Jesus walked, we sat and listened where his disciples sat and listened; Yeah, on the very same stones. It took my Bible from black and white to living technicolor. It seems acceptable to make such analogy and use that illustration. But when I said studying Greek and Hebrew did the same thing for me, I was amazed at the backlash from King James Onlyites who expected I had abandoned and threatened their reverence for the King James English. One might be a little sensitive for infidels who say “A better translation is ...” I get that. But being called a hypocrite and turncoat for loving the experience of learning Greek or Hebrew is a little cultic. Holy Scripture is not purified the 7th time in the English as some have errantly supposed. The King James does not supersede nor exceed the Original Languages. Reading the original languages does indeed bring a vibrant new life and aspect to the Scripture just as much as standing on the Sea of Galilee and boarding a replica of the fishing boat Peter stepped out of enlivens a new awareness of Scripture. It is still like going from black and white and stepping into living color. I can declare so while still testifying that the King James is a perfect English translation of God's original languages. That is not hypocritical! Satan teamed with Brook Foss Westcott (1825-1903) and Fenton John Anthony Hort (1828-1892) to malign and destroy the Greek manuscript line and produce every bastardized modernist English bible in existence. That does not make the study and use of Greek the culprit! Those in the King James Only camps need to set aside their Greek & Hebrew phobias. Just because a Pastor uses a Strong's Concordance or loves the study of Hebrew that does not make them compromised; indeed it makes him competent. Does everyone need to stand on Mount Moriah or Mount Calvary to grow? Give me a break! I stand by my colloquial quote. Learning Greek or Hebrew is still like adding living color! Let's all mature a little bit.
And you still have time to join that Hebrew study group.
King James English vs God's Hebrew
Some responses to a recent promotion for a Biblical Hebrew study group leads to this teachable moment. It was therein said “Read your Bible in the King James English and it is black and white with clarity. Read your Bible in the original languages and it is in living color.” Three kinder responses included 1) “You, a KJVonlyite, can't really mean that about the original language of Scripture being technicolor?”; 2) “Truth is, I find the King James English Bible to be in vibrant, living color itself.” 3) ”Really? Then ...we MISS A LOT by trusting ONLY in the King James Bible!! There is so much more room for growth OUTSIDE of reading the King James Bible, say you!”
   When such a colloquial illustration about God's original languages can illicit questioning ones King James Only stance, perhaps we can all learn something. Truth is God gave us His holy Scripture in Hebrew and Greek1 and their nuances will not be completely captured in any translation; ergo their study brings the black and white into living technicolor, even as visiting Israel and standing on the stairs of the temple in Jerusalem does. It is not for everyone to read such or to take that trip. Understand that although one cannot improve on the King James English translation it is a translation. It is not purified the 7th time in the English as some have errantly supposed, but is a perfect English translation of God's original languages. Satan teamed with Brook Foss Westcott (1825-1903) and Fenton John Anthony Hort (1828-1892) to melign and destroy the Greek manuscript line and produce every bastardized modernist English bible in existence. That does not make the study and use of Greek the culprit. So too a modernized corrupted Hebrew was used for the NKJV2, but the Masoretic3 Hebrew Text is still worthy of our study. Don't be intimidated by the cultic cries, if possible, learn Greek, learn Hebrew and stand where Jesus stood on the Southern Steps of the Temple. If you have the truth, it will make it like technicolor. I stand by my colloquial illustration.
1Some infidels falsely claim significant portions are in Aramaic
3“The word 'Masoretic' comes form masor a Hebrew word meaning 'traditional.' The Masoretes handed down this text from generation to generation, guarded it and kept it.” Dr. Wait pg 20


Re: Good Bye - Really?

Thursday, February 7, 2013 4:50 PM
From: "Helga"

To: "Ed Rice"

Oh! Aren't you so very generous!  Yet, I so wished to have been spared these idiotic "essays!"

I have stood on the soil of ten different countries; my music repertoire is comprised of at least sixteen languages; I, myself, am an immigrant to this great nation, the United States of America;... and you propose to tell me to not get intimidated in learning a new language, when it is that my writing, and assuredly my speech, in English, my second language, far excels yours?

You are no more than a petulant, patronizing, narcissistic simpleton!

Even so, I shall address a couple of your asinine conjectures:

Leaning a new language is NOT the issue!  Get that through your thick head!
It is you making the assertion that the King James BIBLE LACKS COLOR because,  in your view "no translation is perfect!" 

PURE LOGIC will tell anyone, with an IQ above 70, that anything that lacks anything is NOT complete, much less PERFECT!  THUS, the King James Bible, IN YOUR OWN WORDS, CANNOT BE A PERFECT TRANSLATION!  THEREFORE IT IS NOT PERFECT!  You forget you are dealing with a polyglot in comparison to you!

This last issue not withstanding, YOU ARE LIMITING THE ABILITIES OF GOD, proving to be a presumptuous fool!  ALL LANGUAGES ARE GOD'S LANGUAGES!!  EVERYTHING BELONGS TO GOD!  As I had written, I have no doubt that GOD FORESAW translations, and the Holy Spirit guided those 54 men IN MAKING A PERFECT TRANSLATION, COLOR INCLUDED!

Thus, when it is HE TELLS ME OR ANYONE ELSE "Turn you at my reproof: behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you." WHETHER IT BE IN ENGLISH, PORTUGUESE, CHINESE, WHATEVER, that it is His words He will make known to me and whomever else reads His word, whatever the language be!!  

IF, IF, His word was to be fully comprehended in ONLY Hebrew, or Greek, or Aramaic, SUCH WOULD BE TOLD in His word!  God WOULD NEVER have presumptuous fools such as YOU decide they have a leg up on anyone else!  Not when He also warns that "Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall."


Aside from all of the above, those 54 men were humble men, and if their work did not "pass muster," as you imply, THEY THEMSELVES WOULD HAVE DISCLOSED IT!!  They were fluent in several languages, and certainly did understand very well about "nuances" existent!  YOU are not the one to first have discovered such!
Their humility is something you will never understand, a pompous ass that you are!

By the way, Satan did not team up with Wescort and Hort!  It was the other way around!  Something like you are doing, promoting the existence of Bible correctors and Judaizers, who spell the name of Jesus in ways they can't even pronounce, just to show themselves superior!

You seem to lack simple English comprehension!
How would one such look for "color" in another tongue"! [This was a typo.     I meant to enter a '?']

Now, understand that goodbye means goodbye!



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