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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"Our Great Commission - What is it?" WHAT THE COMMISSION DOES NOT SAY by C.R.Stam

It is so very sad that most anywhere one goes to "church," one is placed under the belief that we are under the “great commission” given the 11 apostles by Jesus. It seems pastors have made a thorough goulash of the word of God.

The following is gotten from "Our Great Commission - What is it?" by C.R.Stam:


A consideration of what the commission to the eleven does not say is, perhaps, a greater eye-opener than a consideration of what it does say.

It may greatly surprise many of our readers to note that the so-called “great commission”:

Does not even contain the word “grace,” or refer to “the gospel of the grace of God.”

Does not mention “the preaching of the cross.”

Does not mention salvation through the blood of Christ, much less by faith in His shed blood.

Does not mention Christ’s death as the payment for sin, or His all-sufficient work of redemption as the basis for salvation.

Does not offer salvation as the gift of God, apart from works.

Does not offer salvation apart from the law of Moses.

Does not mention salvation by faith alone, apart from the law or works.

Does not associate Christ’s death and resurrection with our justification.

Does not state that there is “no difference” between Jew and Gentile; in fact, it does the opposite by giving Israel priority.

Does not contain one word about the Body of Christ, or about our divine baptism into Christ and His Body.

Does not contain one word about a heavenly position and prospect, or “all spiritual blessings in the heavenlies in Christ.”

Under the so-called “great commission,” then, we would not be preaching any of the above. And when we realize that all this is the very theme of Paul’s God-given message, and ours, does it not become irresistibly evident that there has been a change in dispensation, a change in program, since our Lord commissioned the eleven?

“...the solution to this problem is again a dispensational one.”

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