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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Fiscal Cliff Crisis and the Catholic Socialist Offensive by Richard Bennett

"...the universal destination of all goods..."  Indeed, should anyone look up UNIVERSAL in the dictionary, he/she will find that it means CATHOLIC!  How convenient!   

Just as when Constantine united the pagans with the lukewarm Christians into ONE UNIVERSAL RELIGION, in the fourth century, which was the beginning of the Roman Catholic CULT!

The Fiscal Cliff Crisis and the Catholic Socialist Offensive 

by Richard Bennett

Published on Jan 9, 2013 by Dave Flang
The Fiscal Cliff Crisis and the Catholic Socialist Offensive
A Financial Crisis is rocking the world's economies. Many are searching for a solution to the crisis here and abroad. Biblical principles regarding how we live and provide for our families and ourselves that bring stability and well-being into societies are ignored. Moreover, while socialism is on the rise, the Catholic Church is helping in advancing it with its socialistic agenda. The anomaly is the fact that while there is abject poverty in numerous nations overtaken by socialism, many world leaders are already prepared to accept it. The Vatican officially states, "With her social doctrine, the Church aims 'at helping man on the path of salvation.' This is her primary and sole purpose." However, mankind's purpose by nature is to be free to determine his own well-being. When mankind's purpose is opposed to the objective of the Vatican, it is time to be alert and sound the alarm. In this DVD, Pastor W. J. Mencarow, along with Richard Bennett, document the Vatican's surprising position and what are real biblical solutions to the contested crisis. Kindly make this crucial DVD known to others by forwarding its URL. To see in print the Roman Catholic Socialist Agenda please download our article on the topic at:
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The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism by Max Weber

For even when we were with you, this we commanded you,
that if any would not work, neither should he eat.
2 Thessalonians 3:10 (King James Bible)



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