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Friday, May 8, 2015

Assistant Secretary of State for Administration, Joyce Ann Barr, says Hillary's doings were "not acceptable"

It NEVER EVER fails, that Liberals be COWARDS to the extreme!

They can NEVER address issues, hiding, as has Hillary, who has not given a single interview since she has announced her candidacy, for she cannot answer for her illegal maneuverings, when she was Secretary of State!

A few days ago, Allyn Horne had posted something, on which I requested that Matt Harris give his opinion.  He has been quite liberal with his name-calling of any who be critical of Hillary.  Allyn proceeded to tag Matt, to be sure he would pipe in.  That was two days ago, and Matt had not!  Last night, I saw he was back, lending us his wisdom on this new post of Allyn's, and I was sure to see that Matt got a worthy welcome!

  • Allyn Horne Jodi Diane Helga at this rate she may even be gone before July 4.
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  • Fred Schein Let's wait to October
  • Helga Hickman WHOOPIE!!
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  • Matt Harris Lol such fantasies
  • Sarah Jenislawski So what are you thinking about Hillary these days?
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    Now, would you please share your wisdom with us here, about this:

    Assistant Secretary of State for Administration Joyce Anne Barr called Hillary Clinton's use of a private email while serving as secretary of state, "not acceptable."

        • Helga Hickman Well, well, Matt Harris! You, surely, don't disappoint!!
          Addressing ISSUES is just not in the vein of slobbering Hillary worshipers, is it?!

          You hiding behind her pants? Just as emasculated as Bill is?

          Well, thank goodness, there be at least one, as this Assistant Secretary of State for Administration, Joyce Ann Barr, who, ever so softly, did say, Hillary's maneuvering regarding emails is not acceptable! And, lo and behold, she's black, to boot!

          You, Matt, just stay crouched behind Hillboss' pants!
          You'll be safe,... for now!

          By the way, did you hear how LIBERAL England has just voted?
        • Matt Harris Helga you will be so sad in November 2016. But i think your craziness will not end.
        • Helga Hickman Ah! What a very COMPREHENSIVE RESPONSE to the question at hand!! Again, Matt, you may take comfort in knowing, you disappoint not!! Ha Ha Ha!

          Stay hid, Matt! I am sure, Hillboss will be wearing the pants for you!
    PS:  I had just posted this, when I saw that Matt Harris had responded, so I was quick to add his response.


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