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Saturday, April 3, 2010


I am somewhat ashamed to say, that I am a Fox News Channel Addict! In actuality, there is no other channel through which one may get the truth as far as the world and/or nation's news is concerned! They certainly live up to their slogan "Fair and Balanced," invariably having both sides of any one issue defended, and when, as it happens oftentimes, the Democratic side's invitation is just a no-show or is declined, the host will play the Devil's advocate! I really like that!

My only regret with this channel is that most of the hosts are Roman Catholic! And, as such, one is prone to hearing some jaw-dropping nonsense, at times!

One such time that is indelible in my mind is when Bill O'Reilly was doubtful that Jesus Christ is God! Such a statement coming from an Irish-Catholic makes me gasp, indeed!!

Well, my dear Roman Catholics who may be reading this, today I viewed a couple of videos that are just a must for you to see! I pray you do!

If there be any Roman Catholics who have such reservations it is that neither their priests, nor their church, insist in the reading of the word of God, where it is made so very clear for all to see!

Here, although one will not find the word TRINITY in the Bible, His Holy word discloses it quite clearly, too:

I pray all will also view the following, for, it is for certain, most applicable to all our lives:

This is the perfect time for us to center our energies on the word of God!
Jesus, time and again, admonished we learn from it!

For Pastors Only 

(but you can listen in)

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I pray all have a most Blessed Resurrection Sunday!



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