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Monday, July 5, 2010


This was posted by me, previously, on March 28, 2010, under the title Another King after God's own Heart!, but since some have stated to me that they knew nothing about King James (as neither did I up to not long ago!), I am re-posting it under the above title so people can understand just why it is that King James was so very shamefully maligned, an IGNORANCE perpetuated by some who have attended "cemetery school" and presume to slander him with no proof while "preaching" to the choir! Very Christian, indeed!

Any who wish to find further reading, please check on eBay or to find "King James: Unjustly Accused," by Stephen A. Coston, Sr.. It is out of print, but, I purchased my copy from the given sources.

So, here is my post just as it was previously published!

Another King after God's own Heart!

There can be no doubt that if David, a man after God's own heart, who was directly selected by God to be king, and "the Spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward," so was King James VI of Scotland and I of England after His heart, and was made to commission a pure venue for His word!

I don't remember being moved to tears before as I was in reading with such delight that which was his EXEMPLARY LIFE before God and men! He was a King who united kingdoms, and brought peace to his people, in the union of Scotland, England and Ireland into Great Britain (as he liked to call it)!

There was peace during his reign--both with his subjects and foreign powers. His motto was "Beati Pacifici,"--Blessed are the peacemakers.

He was a devoted husband, dearly in love with his wife, who bore him 9 children, and to whom he wrote beautiful poetry! He composed "one of the most excellent treaties on marriage ever penned."

His extreme consideration extended to women in general when he penned
his Counterblast to Tobacco where King James wrote regarding reasons why men should not smoke

"Moreover, which is a great iniquity, and against all humanity, the husband shall not be ashamed to reduce thereby his delicate wholesome and clean complexioned wife to that extremity, that either she must also corrupt her sweet breath therewith or else resolve to live in a perpetual stinking torment."

I have no doubt he did not mean to be funny, but I had tears in my eyes while laughing at this, too!

He was a concerned father and sovereign King, who wrote 3 books as a guide for government for his oldest son, Henry, who he expected would be king after him, which got out and were published; he subsequently publishing them himself so his work would not be perverted. Together they were called Basilicon Doron, which means "The kingly gift!"

"Basilicon Doron is a short treatise, only 153 pages long. It consists of three short volumes, the first of which is "A King's Christian Duetie Towards God." James D'israeli said, "James had formed the most elevated conception of the virtues and duties of a monarch."

"In Basilicon Doron, King James' understanding of Christian discipleship, style and prose are at their best. He skillfully intertwines sacred scripture with godly and Christian advice. The King offers his son this important advice on knowing God:

"Diligently read his word, & earnestly...pray for the right understanding thereof. Search the scriptures saith Christ for they will bear testimony of me. The whole Scriptures saith Paul are profitable to teach, to improve, to correct, and to instruct in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect unto all good works.

"The whole Scripture contayneth but two things: a command and a prohibition. Obey in both... The worship of God is wholy grounded upon the Scripture, quickened by faith."

This a king who bore the burden of a crown at the age of 13 months, and knew full well of its weight! Reformation leader John Knox, who later was persecuted by the Roman Catholic Church, preached the sermon at his coronation. I'd say that alone bode well for this king-to-be! At the tender age of 12 he took on full responsibility of his position!

Where the word of a king is, there is power.


"King James believed in the Divine Right of Kings and the monarch's duty to reign according to God's law and the public good. (James' defense of the divine right of kings is now often scorned and held in contempt; when, however, we examine his Workes, we find that the king's defense of the divine right was a loud, staunch protest against papal interference in kingdoms and the resulting Roman Catholic recusancy and murder of kings.)"

Gee! Whoda thunk?! Popes engaged in murders?! Yeah, TRULY, "True Catholic theology - including FAITH-to-FAITH 'apostolic' succession," in the words of that one (in)famous person a few of us reading this know, murdering popes to have been very common throughout the ages, especially during these the Inquisition years, some 75 popes in succession, one after another, TO TORTURE AND MURDER TRUE CHRISTIANS, TO INCLUDE CHILDREN, FOR AS MUCH AS OWNING A BIBLE, AS IT IS TO THIS VERY DAY, as late as 1992! Habemus Papa, indeed! Habemus another EXECUTIONER!

True Christians today are being harassed in Serbia, where the Roman Catholic Church has engaged the local government to help prohibit preaching the Gospel!

Matthew 7:18 (King James Version)

"A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit,

neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit."

These were words spoken by Jesus!

No tree to be found more corrupt than the one in the Vatican's orchard!!

King James became a very learned man, as it would have been expected of him, mastering many languages. He was a prolific writer, having left a few tomes behind!

This "First Booke" of Basilicon Doron contains excellent Christian advice from the King. He boils it down to--read the scriptures, obey them, and pray.

"Diligently read his word, & earnestly...pray for the right understanding thereof. Search the scriptures saith Christ for they will bear testimony of me. The whole Scriptures saith Paul are profitable to teach, to improve, to correct, and to instruct in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect unto all good works."


"As a Scotsman ruling over the English, the King endured much racism and slander--especially from the once powerful English Lords and Ladies who he replaced with his Scottish countrymen. Unfortunately, many of today's historians look to the writings of hostile sources such as Sir Anthony Weldon and Francis Osborne as accurate descriptions of this great king.

"One of the king's detractors, Sir Anthony Weldon, was knighted by King James but was subsequently dismissed after King James found racist writings by Weldon about the King's native Scotland. Many historians today quote Weldon as if he were a reliable historical source. Examples of Weldon's racism are found in his treatise entitled, "A Perfect Description of the People and Country of Scotland" where he says that the Scots are a "stinking people" who hold "fornication...but a pastime". He also said,

"...their flesh naturally abhors cleanness. Their breath commonly stinks of be chained in marriage with one of them, were to be tied to a dead carcass, and cast into a stinking ditch....I do wonder that...King James should be born in so stinking a town as Edinburgh in lousy Scotland."

"Despite this obvious bias, historians continue to consult the writings of Anthony Weldon who intimated that King James had inordinate affections towards other men--but he did not do this until 25 years after King James was dead and could not defend himself. Today's sodomite/homosexual community is touting the King as one of their own, which he was not. These misinformed sources, virtually without exception, fail to mention that King James and his Queen had nine children together. You can read about the rumors in this article or check out an excellently researched book on the subject by Stephen Coston, Sr. entitled, King James: Unjustly Accused?."

Well, whoda thunk, again!! Yellow journalism flourishing in those days, too! And, according to the manner in which this "National Inquirer" type has been so insidious, and pernicious, perhaps this the type to get a Pulitzer Prize, too, I suppose, if it were today! If Al Gore gets an Academy Award, and Barack Obama a Peace Prize...

The Catholic religion was also an enemy of King James. Papists (as Roman Catholics were then known) attempted to assassinate him a number of times. Most notably, in 1605 Roman Catholic Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up Parliament when the king was to have been present. The conspiracy was discovered and all co-conspirators were executed. This failed attempt is celebrated on November 5 in England each year and is known as Guy Fawkes Night.

"King James was an evangelist of the true gospel, which automatically made him an enemy of Rome. King James strongly delineated the errors of Roman superstition and spurned them, yet he treated papists subjects fairly. Catholic ambassador Nicolo Molin said this of King James:

"He is a Protestant...the King tries to extend his Protestant religion to the whole island. The King is a bitter enemy of our religion. He frequently speaks of it in terms of contempt. He is all the harsher because of this last conspiracy against his life...He understood that the Jesuits had a hand in it."



"In 1607, colonists sent by the Virginia Company arrived in Jamestowne, Virginia. Jamestowne (James' namesake) went on to become the first permanent English settlement on the American mainland making King James VI & I founding monarch of the United States. Jamestowne, established over a decade before the pilgrims landed in Massachusetts, is known today as "the place where America began". On a trip to JAMEStown, VA one can visit the site of "JAMES Forte" on the "JAMES River" in "JAMES City County" located on "JAMES Island".

"King James the VI and I is the founding monarch of the United States. Under his reign, we have the first successful colonies planted on the American mainland--Virginia, Massachusetts, and Nova Scotia (Latin for New Scotland) in SE Canada. The King himself ordered, wrote and authorized the Evangelistic Grant Charter to settle the Colony of Virginia:

"To make habitation...and to deduce a colony of sundry of our people into that part of America, commonly called propagating of Christian religion to such people as yet live in bring a settled and quiet government."

"In January of 1604, the King called the Hampton Court Conference in order to hear of things "pretended to be amiss" in the church. At this conference, Dr. John Reynolds, a Puritan, requested of the King a new translation of the Bible because those that were allowed during the reigns of Henry the VIII and Edward the VI were corrupt."

Indeed they were since these were the translations made by Roman Catholics, using sources from Alexandria and the Latin Vulgate, corrupt to the extreme!


"King James wrote extensively on a variety of subjects. Fortunately, in 1616, the bishop of his chapel compiled many of the king's writings in one volume entitled, "The Workes of the Most High and Mightie Prince, Iames, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britaine, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c. (in Jacobean typography, the letter "I" can represent "I" or "J". Iames = James) In reading The Workes, we find that although King James was a highly learned scholar and statesman, his writings are forthright, cogent, pungent, lively, interesting, unpretentious, and easy to read. An excellent summary of these fascinating works can be found here.

"In The Workes, one finds that King James was a contender for the faith of Jesus Christ and cared about the spiritual well-being of his kingdom. He even wrote Christian meditations for his people and his court. His writings are still relevant today and are important sources for understading the nature of law and government.

"The sun set on King James the great monarch on March 27, 1625 at Theobolds Park in Herts, England. He was 59 years old when he died and was buried at Westminster Abbey. Unlike many Scottish monarchs, King James died in his bed at peace with his subjects and foreign countries. He also passed Royal power on, intact, to an adult son which was also quite unusual."

MY GOODNESS! There is much, much more should anyone wish to read it! I am here but giving you a condensed version of this a most GODLY MAN!

I confess, I feel a pang in my heart, longing that the likes of him were more common!
I pray when it is my time to go through the "pearly gates," he be one whom I may meet!

All of the above, with a few personal notes, was taken from

An upcoming post will have bios of the more famous of the Committee formed to work on the King James Bible, and how it came about! Look for



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