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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The KJV Only Controversy: "The King James Bible is too hard to read!"

Please view the following 6-part series on the King James Only controversies:

authorizedversionKJB | June 10, 2010


"The King James Bible is too hard to read!" I have heard it often enough just in the short time in which I have come to KNOW it to be the PURE WORD OF GOD for us in the English language! I have many posts on this blog that chronicle its conception and delivery which cannot be denied!! One need only look to its source!!

Jesus said: Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.

When studying the lineage of the King James Bible one knows that the Hand of God was directing the translators in what they were doing! They were only interested in transmitting the TRUE WORD OF GOD!!

The Roman Catholic System could not stand for it, and upon hearing that King James had commissioned such a work, immediately went about producing their own PERversion, its lineage traced to the corrupted Alexandrian texts, the Douay-Rheims Bible Interestingly, its English does not differ from the King James Bible, yet, I have never heard it being hard to read!! Of note is the fact that the King James remains at a 5th Grade reading level! If you don't have such skills, as yet, it will only help you achieve them! It is never too late to learn! Just give it a chance!

But, when one compares the other versions with the King James Bible, please view the comparison chart on What Bible Are You Reading?, it is not hard to see Satan's manipulation of the wording ELIMINATING the Deity of Christ, DENYING Jesus to be God's Son! Could reading such vehement statements be comforting to any??!! And, IRONICALLY, THESE ARE AT A HIGHER GRADE READING LEVEL!! The NIV to be ranked at an 8th Grade reading level!!

Then, if the truth is not what one holds in their hands when presuming to read God's word, just how can one be steadfast in his or her beliefs, when CONTRADICTORY statements are read, continuously?

It is God's EVERY WORD that Christ claimed is necessary for us!!
Every word from the UNCORRUPTED Textus Receptus was translated!!

The King James is NOT A VERSION, but a TRUE TRANSLATION! All the hundreds of others ARE VERSIONS, the OPINIONS AND THOUGHTS of any who worked on the committees to have been transmitted, TWISTED TO FIT THEIR HOMOSEXUAL INCLINATIONS AND THEIR UNBELIEF IN CHRIST'S DEITY included, polluting the substance of the true word of God!! It fulfilled their monetary ambition, for thus they were able to COPYRIGHT GOD'S WORD!! It was but a job for them!! IT FULFILLED THEIR EGO!! IT BRINGS THEM MONEY WITH EVERY VOLUME SOLD!!

God himself states in His word:

And the burden of the LORD shall ye mention no more:

for every man's word shall be his burden;

for ye have perverted the words

of the living God,

of the LORD of hosts our God.

Jeremiah 23:36 (King James Bible)

It is awesome to know that when I hold the King James Bible,
I hold in my hands God's PURE INSPIRED INERRANT WORD!!

The words of the Lord are pure words:
as silver tried in a furnace of earth,
purified seven times.
Thou shalt keep them, O Lord,
thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.

Psalm 12:6,7 (King James Bible)

Jesus said: Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.

This a choice anyone can make,
to open their hearts and hear God's word!

The KJV Only Controversy


  • In a world of heresy
  • Who dismisses the KJV Only Controversy?
  • You are not shocked?
  • KJV Only Advocates
  • "The King James Bible is too hard to read!"
  • An amazing fruit of studying the Authorized Version--a matchless and unsurpassable Biblical scholarship
  • Conclusion
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In these last times, wherever the saints look, they experience grief.

All of the foundations of the earth are out of course. Psalm 82:5

One area of grief is the Bible version issue. Today many people are speaking and writing against the Authorized Version. There is only one Bible known as the Authorized Version. It is commonly known as the Authorized King James Version or the King James Version (KJV). People who speak against the KJV will use any trickery they can in order to turn people away from the Authorized Verison. One man tried to compile every word in the KJV that he could not personally understand, which was quite underhanded. Many times we read books and articles and come across new words, but this causes us no problem because we read the words in context. When I got saved, I had no problem reading the KJV. When people would ask me what a word meant, I could pretty much immediately give them the definition of it because I had read the word in context and context taught me. People like James White and Bob Ross have been heavily and mightily used of Satan to make people accept any Bible version on the market as true. People like these men take down walls and there is no protection for people who ignorantly believe them. The King James Bible has been the holy Bible for almost 400 years and now all of a sudden every abomination that comes on the market is true. I recently read about a counterfeit Bible that says that fornication is okay. I have read excerpts of H.G. Wells who was used of Satan to help bring about a Luciferian age. He called for a new Bible version. In his book, "The Salvaging of Civilization: A Probable Future of Mankind," published in 1921 he had two chapters entitled, "The Bible and Civilization." He said that the world needed a new Bible with all the same books in it--including Leviticus and Deuteronomy--but with the new [wicked] understandings. He was calling for a new Bible about 90 years ago, and the Luciferian agents have been delivering. Wells' book is online for all to see, but I am not recommending it.

With the proclamations of James White, Bob Ross and others, the flood gates are open for a soft, effeminate, sinful church to receive these Satanic counterfeits. Satan has used these men mightily--and time does not seem to diminish their zeal to attack the Authorized Version. Satan has also used those that believe their writings mightily.

The KJV Only issue does not rest on the shoulders of a single person. Gail Riplinger, Peter Ruckman, William (Bill) Grady, Jack Hyles, Samuel Gipp, and a slew of others in no way represent me. I am grateful for Gail Riplinger and New Age Bible Versions, but my adherence to the King James Bible is not based on her or her scholarship.


As I see it, the KJV Only issue is dismissed by these kinds of people:

  • ignorant ones who have never examined the issue and decided against the King James Bible without any study of the issue. They grab on and latch on to the proclamations of the experts. Their teachers, friends, false preachers, pastors, "scholars," authors, reverends, etc.

  • ones, who at some point, were somewhat convinced that the KJV was right but then caved into peer pressure, preachers or the writings of "scholars," authors, etc. All it takes is a single conversation for these double minded individuals. They are unstable.

  • those who read New Age Bible Version by Gail Riplinger and found some fault with its research or author and ignorantly "threw out the baby with the bath water".

  • the prideful. Modern, industrialized, civilized man is terribly prideful--especially Americans, we don't want to be wrong. My aunt got mad because I told her to look up Acts 8:37 in her new age "Bible." Of course, she could not find it. Instead of investigating to learn more, she got mad. Are you like that? In order to be wise, you have to become a fool and learn everything all over again because we have not been taught right (ref. I Cor 3:18). These are the days of apostasy. You cannot expect to find the truth in the visible church building. I don't know of ONE good one (not to say that one does not exist somewhere in the world, but we, the people, the saints, we are the church. You have to learn and study for yourself--and don't take a long time, the end is near.).

  • hereticks of all sorts (these are the ones that write the books and websites and give the interviews found on "Christianity" websites, radio and tv shows), atheists, agnostics, Catholics, Satanists, witches, masons, Jesuits, and the whole gaggle of unrighteous, unholy, sinful, wicked ones. One young church girl found herself a freshman in college. Her teacher was speaking against the Bible and said, "And out of all the Bibles, the King James Bible is the worst!" Why did he say this? Why would an agent of Satan say this? Because the Authorized King James Bible is that STRONG doctrine. That TRUE doctrine. That PURE doctrine that drops down as the rain upon the tender grass, refreshing, subduing, strengthening, empowering, enabling, overcoming, guiding, directing, drawing, and securing.


I found shocking and enraging the deletions and changes that Gail Riplinger exposed in New Age Bible Versions. I even gathered together a collection of modern corruptions in order to write against them (my little daughter did not even want to touch them and I threw them away as they had served their purpose). Look up Acts 8:37 in an NIV. It is not there at all. See this article about which specific Bible verses the NIV deletes.


Take the NIV Bible Quiz.

DO YOU STILL BELIEVE THAT THE NIV IS THE WORD OF GOD? If so, then you are of Satan. It does not matter if you call yourself a Christian, a "scholar," a doctor, a "reverend," a pastor, etc. You are of Satan if you see these deletions and stubbornly say that they are good and fine--and if you keep telling other people the same thing.

Americans are brainwashed sots and will believe whatever the "experts" tell them. Open up your eyes. But then again, only saved people have open eyes, all the rest are asleep. Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light (Ephesians 5:14).


Many KJV Only advocates are NOT saved. The KJV Only issue is a political issue for them. That's how it is for a lot of these Baptist preachers. Many are very prejudiced and do not hide that fact. Meanwhile they constantly defend and preach about the KJV Only. Even a hireling is useful.


Why do you say this? Is it really too hard or have you had inadequate teaching? Or perhaps you are a natural man, I don't know. My daughter was three years when she began reading the King James Bible. Are you less than three years old? If not, then what is the problem? When my daughter was born into this world, I did not know that babies could read, but God did. My daughter read her first words at 20 months and I think she probably could have read earlier if I had known what I know now. At nine years old, she said that her favorite book was Leviticus. The King James Bible is not too hard to read.


I have discovered an amazing fruit of having the Authorized King James Version in hand and heart--a Biblical scholarship, one which is literally impossible with any other Bible version--no exceptions. The website gives insight into this phenomena. The following is excerpted from the home page--

[] "Demanding and pursuing a distinctively Biblical scholarship." Babies can read as a matter of course, three year olds can read, and understand, the Authorized Version, four year olds can add four digit numbers, and a child's baseline education can be completed before seven years of age when utilizing the Authorized Version in a sanctified homeschool...


Only the real Bible will produce Biblical Scholarship--the Authorized (King James) Version of the Holy Scriptures. No other Bible version will work in Biblical Scholarship because the modern versions, written by modern deceived man, are not the word of God. Those so-called "archaic" words found in the Authorized Version are not archaic; they can be found in every domain today--if you are looking.

When the NIV changes the warp and the woof of Leviticus 13:48 to "woven or knitted material" you can never figure out how material is made. You won't even stop to think about it--all you can do is go to the store and buy a woven or a knitted garment. With the warp and the woof of the King James Bible, on the other hand, you can talk to the weaver who may tell you that they now call it the warp and the weft (but it will always be the warp and the woof to you). This actually happened to me--and not just in the area of weaving, but across all kinds of disciplines. As a result of Biblical Scholarship, you and your children can talk to anybody and judge methods--whether they be good or corrupt.

Those ROBUST, PRECISE WORDS of the Authorized Version form a CRYSTAL CLEAR roadmap out of the wreckage of modern, machine life BACK to ancient understandings, ancient manhood, ancient womanhood, ancient childhood. We are NOT the same people as the ancients. We are weak-minded and dependent on somebody else for every morsel of food that we eat. May each true disciple turn off that filthy tv FOREVER, recover himself from the snare of the devil, and walk in the light of God's word.


I've been wrong about a lot of things in my life, but one thing that I don't want to be wrong about is God's word. That area is too deadly serious to be wrong about it. I need his word pure and whole and completely untainted by man. I need it for myself and for those that hear my voice. False teachers will have to pay for their horrible, grievous crimes. God will require payment from every false teacher.

The Authorized Version is just that, AUTHORIZED. There is no other book like it on the face of the earth. I did not know about its wide-ranging power at first and how it speaks to every subject in creation. I just knew that it was true and that the other Bibles were counterfeits. But now, all these years later, in accordance with Matthew 13:12, I know more. Meanwhile the false prophets of the devil are gaining power to keep on honking out lies and proclamations as the sinful visible church waxes worse and worse under their prophesying.


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..Awake thou that sleepest,
and arise from the dead,
and Christ shall give thee light

Ephesians 5:14


abdul rahman el assir


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