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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ambassador Chris Stevens MARKED FOR DEATH by the Obama Administration


  • STATE DEPARTMENT EMAILS obtained by Fox News again challenge Obama administration claims they were in the dark about deadly Sept. 11 terror attack on consulate in Benghazi, Libya — including one email within hours of attack that specifically points to Al Qaeda-affiliated terror group Ansar al Sharia claiming responsibility.

  • US Denied Access to Suspect Held in Libya Attack

There was an email at 4:05 pm ET,  
relating much of the same!

Just as the killing of Osama bin Laden was viewed in REAL TIME by the National Security Team of the Obama Administration, SO WAS THE KILLING OF AMBASSADOR CHRISTOPHER STEVENS, AND THREE OTHER AMERICANS, MORBIDLY VIEWED FOR SOME SEVEN HOURS, after which, Obama got a good night's rest and embarked on his trip to Las Vegas for a fundraiser event the following day, WITHOUT HAVING MOVED A FINGER TO SEND FORCES TO RESPOND TO THE ATTACK, to respond to the anguished phone calls and emails begging for help, FORCES THAT WERE READY, IN ITALY, BUT AN HOUR AWAY BY FLIGHT, WAITING ON A GO-AHEAD BY THE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF!!

That Obama was not up for the job, surprises me not!

But, I am most surprised, that Hilary Clinton went along with the coverup!
Gee!  Did she not learn anything from the Monica Lewinsky days?
You didn't even have to wake up with a phone call at 3:00 am, you fool!
Did you sleep well that night?
I pray, to your dying days, the images you viewed haunt you, 
and that YOU be the MAIN protagonist in the next burning you get to see, IN HELL!!

Never have I been more ashamed of the American people 
who elected nothing but a spineless bastard 
as their Commander-in-Chief!!



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