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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new - the demise of THE BELTWAY BOYS


Years ago, I much enjoyed watching 'The Beltway Boys' on Fox News Cable!

Then, suddenly, they were no more!  I have more often than not thought about the two jovial personalities that spared vigorously in their short segments, but never when at the computer, when I could look them up, again.  Fred Barnes, I see quite often, still on the station, but what happened to Mort Kondracke?  He'd recently become a widower then, and I felt so very sorry for him!

Well, no more!!  This morning I looked him up, and he has gone on with more accomplishments in his life: he's gotten remarried, to a lovely and most accomplished being herself, Marguerite Sallee!

Funny how one develops a liking to personalities one sees often, Fox News Cable to possess most for whom I care!  They may not be on air any longer, but they are not forgotten,... not by me!

May God bless you two, Mr. Kondracke, and give you many, many happy years together!

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