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Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween witnessing... don’t wait until October 31st! by Chick Publications

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Halloween witnessing... don’t wait until October 31st!

Stores are going all-out with the Halloween decorations this year!

Local shopping centers are filled with Halloween costumes, grinning pumpkins, skulls, full-sized witch statues, inflatable spiders and tombstones. The devil's favorite "helliday" is being glorified and most children have no idea they are being tricked into believing it's just another fun, candy-filled holiday. Its real purpose is to make the occult and evil look innocent.

We occasionally receive letters from people who read our Halloween tracts and say things like, " are trying to take this simple traditional 'holiday' and turn it into some satanic plot to send people to hell."

We're not "turning it into" anything. We are simply pointing out Halloween's pagan roots (see "The History of Halloween"), and that Satan has a plan to destroy their souls (1 Peter 5:8). Former witch and occultist, Bill Schnoebelen writes:

"Halloween used to be called Samhain, and is still celebrated as an ancient pagan festival of the dead by witches all over the world. Unfortunately, just giving the date a "holy" name like All Hallows' Eve or All Saints' Eve cannot change its grisly character. Halloween is an occasion when the ancient gods (actually demons) are worshiped with human sacrifice. (Read more from Bill Schnoebelen.)

But Halloween is just the current event and the real question is: what can we do to show kids (and their parents) how to get saved and avoid the coming judgment? We can hand them a Chick tract that will show them Satan's real plan and how to escape through trust in Jesus.

Halloween is on people's minds the entire month of October and this provides a witnessing opportunity for God's people! Halloween witnessing is not just a one-night event.

Here are some places to witness before the 31st: 

Pumpkin patches

          Stores selling Halloween costumes and decorations Pumpkin patches

Halloween parades

Theme and amusement parks  

Stores selling Halloween candy

Also, try putting the LittleShots tract animation DVD in candy bags this year! We've heard from customers that kids love the animated stories of "The Sissy" and "Tiny Shoes" and each one ends with a salvation message! 


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