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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hebrews Bible Study Series (4 of 30) by Pastor Mike Hoggard

Obviously, Pastor Mike Hoggard is not done with this series!
I will not update the total number in the title, until I know that he is, just so there is uniformity for the purpose of my postings, for I intend to post them all, as I listen to them.
One needs note that in the previous week's study, Pastor Hoggard mentions someone having asked his stance on the "dispensations." That was me, on Facebook!
Indeed, he never replied to me, but when a sister asked him, he did answer her, claiming it is "dispensationalism!"  
"Another 'ism'," he claimed!
Yet, Paul refers to "dispensations" enough times in his epistles.
It is NOT a doctrinal issue, thus, it is not that important, YET, his "timetable" is so much in agreement with that of Dr. Douglas Stauffer, and many other "dispensational" believers.

Mike Hoggard | Hebrews Bible Study Hebrews 4:1-7 
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WED 04/04/2012
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Sermon Details:
For the complete Hebrews Bible Study series, please click on the above link.

The Promise of Rest...
Pastor Hoggard will be teaching, over the weeks to come, an in depth Bible study, line by line, from the Book of Hebrews. We hope you can join us on our journey through this wonderful Book from the King James Bible.

It Means Just What It Says 

- Greater Vision

Uploaded on Oct 4, 2011 TheSevenBright  
Greater Vision - It Means Just What It Says

It Means Just What It Says
- Greater Vision

This is a song written by Rodney Griffith of the group, Greater Vision. Here are the lyrics. The video is below the lyrics on the site

[This song truly chokes me up! It is beautiful!!]

When I was a child I was taught how the Bible was God’s infallible word
That He had inspired every line that was written so His voice could be heard
But now folks are saying there’s a new way of thinking, 

the Bible is not clear
Well friend if you’re needing some interpretation, listen and I’ll bend your ear

Whosoever means whosoever, live forever means we’re never going to die
Forsake us never means that He will never leave us.
Reign forever means He’ll always be the King who rules on high.

No never means our sins are not remembered
A living Savior means that He’s no longer dead.
The Father changes never, the Bible will forever mean just what it says.

I know I’m not the smartest of people you’ve been privileged to meet
I tend to think this life is as simple as we make it out to be
That the faith of a child and the love of Savior will open Heaven’s gate
And that God in his goodness gave a simple Gospel
He even wrote it down that way.



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