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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Debbie Deborah Wright Martin's SHORT-TERM "MISSION" to that little country, called Africa!

THIS, THIS, IRRESPONSIBLE WASTING OF MONEY, and calling it a "mission," is what irks me to death!

This, seemingly well-to-do lady, whose husband owns a business, it seems, is short $2,000.00 for her trip, IN TWO WEEKS, to Africa. Yes, you know, that country of Africa? To be short that much, one should surmise that the cost is more than twice this amount!

I was curious to see for how long she intended to stay in the new-found "country of Africa," but couldn't, instead, I did find a comment she made to Pst James N Sally, informing him that next year, she may be able to visit his ministry (read what's been highlighted in yellow, further down!). Now, wouldn't Pst James N Sally much more be able to use such monies toward his ministry of caring for ophans? Ah, but that would deprive this LOW-CLASS USER of a vacation, footed by the ignorance of many!

Mind you, this is June, a wonderful time to get off work, and on a vacation!
Even better, when one can find fools to make up for any deficits.
All for the glory of God, no doubt!

And there be those who wonder why I feel nothing but revulsion for the likes of these "missionaries!" I truly want to throw up! To my blog, this goes, just to bolster my claim that such missions are nothing but THIEVERY OF GOD'S MONEY!

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  1. Friends- I need your help. I am going to Africa on a missions trip in 2 weeks. I am 2000.00 short. If you can help me- please let me know. Africa is my heart and I hope that I am able to go. Thank you all!
  2. Thank you beloved servant of the Lord sis Debbie for standing with us and praying for us as we preach the Gospel of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ here in Africa and also taking care of the rescued orphans/vulnerable children in our GRCCI christian rescue care center.The Lord bless you.
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    • Debbie Deborah Wright Martin Pastor James- please pray- I may have an opportunity next year to visit you. I thank God for allowing me to know you! May God richly bless you! Please give Sally and the sweet children my love!
    • Pst James N Sally That is great good news to us!!!!Thank you beloved sis Debbie in the Lord.Praise the name of the Lord.You are MOST WELCOME.We will be praying for as you travel to Africa this year and possibly next year.Everyone here is eager to meet you when you will come.Please receive much love from Sally the children and everyone here.We are grateful that we know you.
  3. Last night Debbie prepared London Broil with chimichurri sauce, rosemary roasted potatoes,grilled shrimp, homemade cole slaw and Texas toast with cheese and garlic. We are really roughing it!
  4. The Lord be with you and bless you sis Debbie
  5. Love my sweet neice Brittani Martin!


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  1. Ah, aren't people "interesting" to say the least!

    Just got a call, from someone who introduced herself as Deborah Wright Martin, who stated I had written a blog on her. I confirmed it, and told her she could write me about it, and hung up!

    I don't engage on "she said he said" verbal debates, as I like to have it all in writing! Such leaves no doubt as to the facts!

  2. You should really know the facts before you blindly judge and attack people you don't know. It might be more upsetting if I didn't feel so sorry for you. It must be awful to feel the need to attack others to validate yourself. We are supposed to look at ourselves before we judge others...even I know that. Tesia Cook

    1. Well, the dear lady cannot write for herself, it seems, engaging the services of a cohort?!

      Abstain from all appearance of evil.
      1 Thessalonians 5:22

      The pathetic "pleading" done by this moochionary on her Facebook page, together with the other items I here present, FOUND ON HER FACEBOOK PAGE, entered by her, present VOLUMES of FACTS relative to the devious means by which she extricates GRATIS vacations!

      Feel sorry for yourself, if it is you choose to be so blind!

      For the waywardness of the naive will kill them,
      And the complacency of fools will destroy them.
      Proverbs 1:32 (King James Bible)

  3. I love my mother very much and will speak in her defense to the ground. And I'm very happy that you are not our creator, there fore your words have no meaning. You are the very type that pushes people from God. God is love. And you mam are no example of that. Have a good life and find happiness.

  4. Two days ago, AGAIN, this woman calls me, after 10:00pm at night, wanting to talk to me!

    AGAIN, I informed her, anything she had to say can well be put right here, and NOT in another mailed hand-written letter.

    Amazing that the like understand not English, it seems, nor have the discretion of calling at an appropriate hour! I was already in bed!

    Neither do this type seek to be transparent with what they do or say! I am certainly NOT going to have a "she said-she said" discussion with any such whom I could never trust to state the truth!