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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Two New KJB Video Documentaries review by Bryan Denlinger

Only just now did I get a chance to watch the Lionsgate DVD I have had for a couple of weeks. How beautiful!

I loved to learn the fact that the translators were not of one mind when going into the project but became ONE VOICE once they began the work! Truly the Holy Spirit brought them together, and fulfilled King James most heartfelt desire for unity!

When first I heard of King James and read about him I truly fell in love with his upright straightforward manner, and this DVD reinforces it!

Two New KJB Video Documentaries

Uploaded by on Apr 27, 2011
Here is a link to this excellent video on the KJB, put out by Lionsgate movie studios.

I highly recommend this video. There is one scene showing some blood. (Not appropriate for little children)

The actor who portrays King James makes a comment about sex in the scene depicting the Hampton Court conference in 1604. But these are really the only two problems I found with this film.

I do NOT recommend the video put out by Vision Videos on the KJV. Don't waste your money on it!


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