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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Shock! Is This Harold Camping’s Suicide Goodbye Letter?


This type is much too fond of the WORLDLY commodities he has STOLEN from the deceived! 

IF HE DISAPPEARS, be sure to look for his bank account, material goods, etc., for I am sure THEY TOO will have disappeared, to perhaps some distant resort island where he may bask in the sun!

That is the SUN, and not the Son! 


But of that day and hour knoweth no man, 

no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. 

Matthew 24:36 (King James Bible) 

But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, 

no, not the angels which are in heaven, 

neither the Son, but the Father.

Mark 13:32 (King James Bible)

And that is all that Harold Camping is, a minion of the Devil, 
who pays no attention to the word of God! 


Shock! Is This Harold Camping’s Suicide Goodbye Letter?

Is Harold Camping planning on his own personal “rapture” via suicide?

Being a cult leader comes with a price. Throughout history, cult leaders have often paid with their own lives to stand for the distorted “truths” that they teach. Jim Jones in Jonestown with the cyanide Kool-Aid and David Koresh in an FBI firestorm come to mind. The way of the transgressor is hard, says the bible. And the ironic part of cults is that while they claim to ‘speak for God’, they are really transgressing His revealed word, and that takes a terrible toll on the mind and soul. Sometimes they sink so deeply into their delusions that suicide seems like the only way out.

Now NTEB has made a chilling discovery – Is this Harold Camping’s suicide note?

Why is he saying goodbye to the people that would be getting raptured with him
unless he was planning on going alone?

Codeword: Rosebud

Harold Camping has encouraged people to cash in savings accounts, kid’s college funds and sell their houses to pay for the Judgement Day banners, billboards and RV’s plastered all over the country. Many people, on May 22, will lack the financial resources to continue living the lives they used to know prior to getting involved in Harold Camping’s grand vision of a self-proclaimed day of judgment. How could he face those people on Monday morning, what would he say to them knowing he was personally responsible for ruining their lives? With these questions in mind, a newly-discovered email sent by Harold Camping to Family Radio employees may be fraught with more meaning than previously thought. (click here to read the full PDF.)

The letter ends with a cryptic plea for his co-workers to “continue to stand with us to proclaim the Gospel through Family Radio.” Now, that leads one to wonder who is going to be left behind out of his group to continue working at the radio station? Wouldn’t they all be going up to Heaven with him? It doesn’t make any sense unless it is his goodbye note for when he commits suicide after his prophecy fails to materialize on May 21. However sad that would be, it would be very much in line for the fate of a modern-day cult leader, which he has clearly become.

Whatever the result of all this, one thing will be for sure. On May 22, Family Radio with Harold Camping is a failed enterprise. There is no way he could remain in power there after this second failed attempt at prophecy. Too many lives will have been ruined, and too much trust lost. The only way the radio station could continue would be without him, and he knows it. And for this reason, we think that this note may be his suicide goodbye note.

I pray that this is not the case, and that Harold finally does for himself what he tells others to do – thrown himself upon a merciful God, and ask for His forgiveness.

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  1. "And I saw one on a white horse holding a bow, and he was sent out conquering and to conquer"

    "All these things will come to pass in this generation"

    "Even now many anti-Christs are among us"

    Much of the NT appears to be written in spiritual parables. Conflict, scarcity, and death appear to be the fruits of false ministers.

    "as you have done the the least of these my brethren, so have you done to Me.. depart from me, you workers of iniquity"

    "many are called, few are chosen"

    This narrow gate (straight is the way) that we must take, through the sheepfold of Christ, appears to be difficult to get through. But by their fruits we will know them. The fruits of good works are evidence of saving faith. And there is only one gate. I don't think it has a brand name.

    Have you ever considered that the book of Revelation may hold clues to the trials we must go through to divide this truth from lies? To persevere to the end? Many have died spiritually, following these false prophets.

    "Cursed is the ground, for your sake"

    I'm reminded of the parable of the gold refined in the fire, and the white garments of the era of laodicea, when you say you escaped the great babylonian church.

    Perhaps that is the narrow gate...... beyond all the lies of this world and false ministers, there is a Truth that is so simple, few will believe it....... few can even see it.

  2. Hello, Jeff!

    You know, when in my school days I remember feeling disgusted I'd miss the easiest questions on any exam! And that is really true what you say: the truth is staring us in the face, yet, because it is so simple that we cannot see it! We imagine that which is not and confound things!

    I just listened to another sermon by Bryan Denlinger I hope you will hear. It is in two parts and I have just now posted them both:
    "The Judgment Seat of Christ."

    Then you may wish to hear "The Pre-Tribulation RAPTURE!! by Bryan Denlinger"

    These are three sermons. Upon learning from these, you will be assured that we, the Church, the Body of Christ, will NOT go through the Tribulation! That is promised us in the word of God!

    Later on you may wish to learn about the Church Dispensations taught by Pastor Gregory Miller! Awesome study that not many understand! I am in need of reviewing it, myself!
    "7 Biblical Dispensations: The KEY to Bible Study and Interpretation by Pastor Gregory Miller of Bible Believers Fellowship"

    Study to shew thyself approved unto God,
    a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,
    rightly dividing the word of truth.
    2 Timothy 2:15 (King James Bible)

    May God bless you and yours, and thank you, again, for your valuable input!