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Monday, May 2, 2011

William and Kate's Wedding: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!


Were it coming from anyone else, it would be hard to believe that one who was a sculptor, painter, architect, mathematician, inventor, anatomist, and a master of a whole slew of other subjects, would have come up with one such statement, but such is attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, who said:
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!

I had not intended to wake up to see the wedding, but, it happened that I did, and I am quite happy I did!  

What a joy it was to see such a beautiful girl, so prim and proper in a wedding dress that showed no plunging necklines with bulging implants, her skin covered head-to-toe with a modest neckline!  It's been a while since one such "bride's dress" has been in vogue!  It seems advertising one's wares at the altar, from bride to pathetically dressed bride's maids to be the actual show!  I wish we did away with bride's maids altogether, and imitated such wedding by having angelic figures in the form of little girls, and little boys as the attendants!

I have my doubts, but, perhaps, some will copy the simplicity that Catherine exhibited!

And the most extravagant thing about their kiss is, there were two, both so reserved!

And, goodness, this is the first time I saw a REAL smile on the Queen's face!


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