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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Harold Camping May 21, 2011 False Prophecy by Pastor Gregory Miller of Bible Believers Fellowship

But Harold Camping will not part with his wealth...
Could it be he doesn't believe himself?!!

Harold Camping

May 21, 2011 False Prophecy

bbbfohio | January 07, 2011 | likes, 4 dislikes

Harold Camping, President of Family Radio Network, is falsely claiming that the date of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is May 21, 2011.

We will allow him to speak in his own words and show his rejection of the King James Bible as the infallible words of God, his terribly false method of Bible interpretation, his blasphemous claim that those who reject his date-setting are going to Hell and his refusal to grant a refund when May 22, 2011 proves him to be a False prophet.

We hope to share this message on the internet, on DVD, on CD and on our radio program with hundreds of thousands between now and May 21, 2011. Please watch and share this link with your loved ones, church members, neighbors, co-workers, etc..





  1. Harold Camping is a horrible Bible teacher and foolish. He is possibly senile and has lost his mind. This is a 90 year old man putting out his own Bible VIEWS . All the Bible interpretations are from his own sick mind. His followers are horribly silly and believe every word out his mouth

    The followers of Camping are the silliest so called Christians. Their God is Harold Camping...He says
    “Don’t Trust the Bible” BUT ONLY HE CAN INTERPRET IT SO THEY TRUST HIM not the bible ..of course they can not see that...

    See more about his sick followers here

  2. I saw your blog. Awful pictures of the ignorance in which his followers delve!

    Well, May 22, 2011 will find him a richer man since he's made sure these poor people have given him everything!

    Thanks for you comment!

  3. Fux that 90yr old basterd he is so riuining the lifes of inocent people and tormentin the young he deserves to be at the end of the ocean like the enemy.

  4. I am so very sorry, Charlie! I pray that people like you can help these see the truth!

    I pray that these who believed in him will turn away for good and never go down this path again! We are not to follow any one man but Christ, through His word!

    May God bless you and yours!

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